Sentai WTF Moment: Garoa's Fusing Two Monsters Back To Back?!

When Chevalier arrived in Fiveman as a game-changing villain, Garoa was in the risk of losing his position as captain.  I always thought that while Garoa did achieve something with the Franken Capsule or that, he isn't a total moron... however, here's one plot in Fiveman was probably really very crazy.  I took the images from Toku Monster.

Garoa was trying to secure his position in the most moronic way possible.  He combines Eagle Gin and Gorilla Gin BACK TO BACK?  WTF!  I thought that the episode was pretty stupid (but entertaining) in its own way.  The two had disagreement problems which caused the monster to be ineffective.

But I was wondering if the disagreement was also planned by Garoa so the two can generate such a strong wind against the Fivemen.  At first, it felt effective but the combined stupidity of the combined monsters managed to be Garoa's downfall in that episode.  I found the whole idea of beating a monster with flip cards to be... not funny.  The monster itself was just plain stupid and not to mention, it's the worst way to combine a monster ever right?  Garoa was relying TOO MUCH on brawn than brain to why his plan was foiled by a simple game of...

Flipping cards?  I always thought it was a pretty dumb way to end a monster of the week dilemma.  In this case, the two monsters of the week combined back to back had also their stupidity combined. They had the potential to blow off the Fivemen but their stupidity led to their defeat.  I think I'll always find the whole scenario stupid hence getting Garoa's well-deserved demotion while Chevalier would spend more time with plans as stupid as Garoa's.


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