Wishful Thinking: Gai Ikari x Gai Yuki Team Up In Gokaiger!

While it was nice to have Toshihide Wakamatsu was in Gokaiger 28, which is a guest appearance for Gai Yuki.  Gai Yuki's death was verified by the Jetman Encyclopedia, the son of Ryu and Kaori is named after him.  While it was nice to have Gai Yuki appear again even as a ghost, I always got bothered by WTF went wrong with Gokaiger 28.  However please note that Super Sentai usually has no continuity, Gokaiger is more of an alternate continuity for the last 34 seasons.

Really, it still bothers me until now that Gai Ikari can't see Gai Yuki.  I mean, he did meet the ghosts of Mikoto, Naoto and Burai.  Some may think that he was only able to meet the ghosts because he really died then he was restored fully back to life or two, it was a near death experience.  So what was really wrong?  Wow, Gai Ikari can't see Gai Yuki?  I always thought that episode was pretty stupid until now.  Dang it, Toshiki Inoue!

If there was any better way to handle it, I think a Junya Ikeda x Toshihide Wakamatsu scene would have been better than Junya Ikeda x Keiichi Wada scene IMO.  It can show the contrast of the two Gais... Gai Yuki the badass and Gai Ikari the Sentai fan.  Now I don't deny Gokaiger episode 34 was a great episode but... I would have preferred it that episode had Gai Yuki instead of Ryou.  Ryou could have had a focus with Marvelous instead teaching some important martial arts move, I'd want a Gai x Gai team up!

My entire idea of the scene is where Gai Yuki goes to Earth for a day, only to find a depressed Gai Ikari.  Gai Ikari lost his Mobirate and wants to die because of it.  However, Gai Yuki ends up having a mission to restore Gai Ikari to his normal spirit which may have a fight scene between the two Gais.  Gai Yuki might say, "Come on, you are a disgrace to the name Gai!  Where's your warrior spirit Gai Ikari?  Don't disgrace me like other Gais!"  The scene may shift to Gai Ikari learning that Gai Yuki is a ghost, he freaks out and realizes he's been haunted to snap him out.

We can move to the marketplace where Raita's name will be mentioned.  The Zangyacks will attack the place and Gai Ikari regains his spirit.  Here, Gai Yuki and Gai Ikari will fight side by side.  He will remind Gai Ikari of the blue sky that the Jetman team fought for 20 years ago.  He said, "It's your turn Gai Ikari, don't disappointment me or I will haunt you!"  Later, we will have the Gokaigers become the Jetman team but... Gai Ikari temporarily takes Doc's place and he is using the BLACK CONDOR mobirate for laughs.

For my wishful version of the story, you may read here.


  1. I think I know why Gai was the only one who can't see Yuki Gai.

    1. Ikari Gai is the only human in the Gokaiger team, the rest are aliens from another planets.

    2. The three deceased past Sentai members were meant for Gai to be seen, but it was ONLY IN HIS DREAM, though that dream did came out real, BUT it was STILL in his dream. He see after the three of them left, Gai just finally woke up, so of course, he only saw them in his dream, even if that dream is real and they really gave him their powers, but he was still dreaming. They were meant for him to see because it was his fate to join this Pirate Sentai team lol

    3. I don't think this episode is bad or stupid, if you actually skip the reason about why Ikari Gai's the only one who can't see Yuki Gai, you will actually see the true meaning of this episode lol There's a deep moral lesson for the Gokaiger, especially for Marvelous in this episode, whom lost his courage in his fighting and his fear came to him, so Yuki Gai is teaching him a lesson of overcoming his fear, even through death.


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