Wishful Thinking: Who Should Have Played As Juzo in Shinkenger!

Shinkenger's stray villain Juzo was played by Mitsuro Karahashi.  What I felt like this guy was so blunt and boring.  I mean we had Rintaro Nishi to voice Doukoku (he did a good job in doing Doukoku's scenes whether it was a serious scene or a minor comic relief scene), now why couldn't they go something with Juzo?  I felt the actor himself was just boring and that Juzo was a real killer.  While Shinkenger is a lighter and softer series, come on you still need a good actor to play Juzo!

If one person really might be good for Juzo in Shinkenger is actually Takashi Hagino (the idea is Shogo's actually, not mine).  He played the hero in Changerion (haven't seen that series) and the villainous murderer Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja in Kamen Rider Ryuki.  What's my reason?  Think of how scary Takashi Hagino was when he was Ouja.  He was a genocidal maniac who trolled just almost everybody, he had no remorse with who he killed and Juzo is supposedly a bloodthirsty murderer.  Now just because Shinkenger isn't a dark season, doesn't mean bad acting can enter.  I mean, I don't think Takashi Hagino as Juzo would ruin the fun but increase it.  Just think of it that Munemaru Koda's performance as Doctor Man was magnificent and it didn't ruin Bioman's otherwise lighter mood for most of its season.

Though my other choice would be Kohei Murakami who acted as Masato Kusaka in Kamen Rider Faiz.  Seriously, that guy looks like a killer of sorts and I'm amazed by his acting ability.  Watching Kamen Rider Faiz, I was impressed at how Murakami makes me love to hate the character of Kusaka all the more because he could act it out so well.  If I'm to talk, Kusaka's character execution as a villain with good intentions was better done than that of Captain Ryuya (who was acted by Masaru Nagai, who played both Tatsuya and Ryuya).  In my case, I think Murakami would have pulled out a murderous Juzo perfectly.  Remembering how he carried out his performance against everyone in the show, he would have made a good Juzo as well.  That guy really looks like he's going to rip you apart!

Better yet, my best choice would be Shunta Fuchino who played as Kiros in Maskman to play the part of Juzo himself.  Fuchino himself knew how to make an arrogant villain come to life in Maskman.  So what if he were actually to deal with another Takeru as a totally different character?  What if he wielded the Uramasa instead of a chain sickle?  Those were a few stuff that would have been cool if Fuchino played the part of Juzo.  I think the actor himself complete with a sadistic, killer smile and some badass action with pieces of nostalgia would have been better.  Too bad he hasn't done any Tokusatsu projects as far as I know.


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