My Personal Opinion On Ninninger Within 21 Episodes!

Well it's time for Ninninger to have 21 episodes.  At first, I was somewhat positive with the new writer Kento Shimoyama since having a new headwriter may create wonders.  Some examples I can name are Toshiki Inoue with Jetman (which ended up having a post-series TV special in the form an encylopedia and the alternate continuity Manga), Noboru Sugimura with Zyuranger, Junki Takegami with Megaranger, Yasuko Kobayashi with Gingaman and Naruhisa Arakawa with Kamen Rider Kuuga.  So I thought about some positivism but the show actually shattered some of my expectations and I could present some of my biggest problems.

I would simply want to think of the Igasaki Lineage is annoying minus Yuuka the only sensible member of the family... or not.  If we think about the Igasaki clan, you might actually think that Takaharu (or Bakaharu or stupid) is really one HUGE idiot.  Yes, I really have to admit more than one episode, I really wished he'd improve but unlike Ban from Dekaranger or Sosuke from Go-onger HE FREAKING DOES NOT.  I thought that maybe idiocy does run in their line like their grandfather Yoshitaka Igasaki and the father Tsumuji Igasaki are really idiotic and first I think they are funny and now I've changed my mind.  Now I have nothing against it if the hero is an idiot if he improves so I hope Bakaharu stops being Bakaharu.  But so far, no signs of him actually improving beyond his current shell.

Now I have nothing against the children of the Igasaki women since the others are the two nephews and one niece of their patriarch Tsumuji.  On the other hand, I always thought why would Tsumuji be well teaching them Ninjutsu and he DOES NOT have what it takes compared to his father (who's downright senile) and that his two children, two nephews and one niece are the ones who are the only real candidates for the Last Ninja.  I also think the grandfather (who would be the maternal grandfather to the other three) is really getting more and more senile in every episode.

Another problem I have are the action scenes.  What I terribly find annoying in this show is that after Takaharu's out of suit fight scene in the first episode, it just does very much downhill.  The show ends up getting too reliant on CGI scenes, stuntmen rather than the main actually doing some extra out of suit stunts.  So really, are we getting too much on CGI?  Shinkenger was more balanced in those departments... again you know my favoritism for Shinkenger!

Midway we were treated to a Kamen Rider Drive and Ninninger crossover movie.  It was a huge improvement from ToQGer vs. Kamen Rider Gaim.  It had its fun moments though I don't think it was that good for me to give it more praise.  The series continued to prove that Kamen Rider and Super Sentai do not belong to the same continuity.  Meanwhile, it feels like Ninninger is part of the VS. Universe instead of having its own continuity because Hurricane Red and Ninja Red appeared as guest stars.

Now it's time for the sixth ranger, Kinji Takigawa.  I don't know if I should think he's annoying or not.  Granted, he's a selfie addict and I think he might become good friends with Senator Bam Aquino if he were a real person.  He's a ninja enthusiast and I don't think I have anything against him having selfies with Youkai monsters.  My big problem is unlike other sixth rangers, he freaking arrives too early and he doesn't have a good introductory arc.

Maybe I could mention the mecha.  I really felt like the main robot's design which is basically a robot driving a robot to be stupid.  At first, I thought it was okay but later on I find myself WTF-ing about it.  So maybe it's just me that we keep getting too many new mecha or Ninja Allies one after the other.  Aside from Kinji's overly early arrival, the load of mecha is just coming at full velocity force rather than introduce them nice and easy.  It's another weakness for me.

So what are your thoughts on Ninninger?  Comment!


  1. Forgettable sentai. Super Sentai needs to go back to the basics


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