Ohranger: Trying To Cram In Much of Takeyuki Suzuki's Previous Works?

I thought that Ohranger is trying to cram in much of Takeyuki Suzuki's previous works. Considering that he was involved in the Hirohisa Soda and Noboru Sugimura era (and right now I am in episode 38 of Ohranger, subbed). Now it's time to see how Ohranger was an entire huge combination of several of Suzuki's previous production works. Note Hirohisa Soda was also a sub-writer for Ohranger.

The Ohrangers themselves felt like a combination of concepts from a lot of Soda's previous works. Ancient civilization involved? Goggle V! Humanity vs. machines? Bioman! Powerful energy from the Earth combined with military warfare? Changeman! Having Counselor Miura as a mentor may be a throwback to Changeman's Commander Ibuki or the scientists from Goggle V, Dynaman and Maskman.

The Big Bang Buster would be a shoutout to assembled weapons from Changeman, Flashman, Liveman and Zyuranger.

The Jetter Machines is pretty much a shoutout to the individual motorcycles used from Changeman up to Fiveman and Dairanger.

Although Bioman and Ohranger are from separate continuities, I always wanted to joke that Baranoia was the Anti-Bio Resistance that blew up the Planet Bio when it wasn't! Like the Anti-Bio Alliance, Baranoia rebelled against the Pangaeans. Its ruler rebelled against the Pangaeans and had to be banished.

The Ohranger Robo's components sort of throw back to some previous works. For Sky Phoenix, Dash Leon and Grantaurus you might think of animal mecha from Liveman. The lion mecha was first used in Liveman and Dairanger. The Sky Phoenix might remind some of Tsubamaru or the Jet Hawk from Jetman. Like Jetman, Zyuranger, Dairanger and Kakuranger the mecha was given a two episode introductory arc.

I felt like Acha and Kocha were monster-enlarging agents. It sort of reminds me of Guardnoid Gash though he is nowhere as cool.

The Red Puncher robot is the first red ranger only secondary mecha. However, its backstory may remind you of the Galaxy Robo. Not surprisingly, Hirohisa Soda was also the writer of that episode. It also had a spin technique similar to Turbo Rugger from Turboranger.

Obvious shoutout is obvious. Oh Re Bazooka which was just randomly added for toy sales felt like a shoutout to previous Super Sentai team bazookas. Dairanger and Ohranger both introduced the cannon shortly after the secondary mecha came in.

Riki/Kingranger together with Dorin are the sole survivors of ancient mankind. They were taken by suspended animation and were taken to ensure that the Earth does not suffer the same fate way back. I always thought of it that like Kou in Dairanger, he is a child hero. Like Peebo in Bioman, he was transported to help protect a later era. Even the design has a shoutout to Dragonranger and Kibaranger namely the chest armor. Unlike Dragonranger and Kibaranger, he pilots the carrier mecha.

King Pyramider Carrier formation may remind you of the Heavenly Armor Chi Palace in terms of formation.

The King Pyramider Battle Formation may remind some of the Super Turbo Builder Formation from Turboranger and the Max Magma from Fiveman. In terms of its finishing attack called the Super Legend Beam, I compare it to the Super Turbo Builder Beam.

The Ohblocker was made from five humanoid robots. This was first assembled to defeat a fully enarged Bacchus Wrath.

I always compared Bomber The Great to Bio Hunter Silver but he was nowhere as cool. Like Silver in Bioman, he was persistent about destroying the Ohrangers and he was also an enemy of the same civilization that harnessed the Tetrahedron Energy. He is enemies to both Baranoia (as he usurped the throne of its late emperor) and the Ohrangers.

The Tackleboy was launched like the Tetraboy from Jetman though it was unusually short for a humanoid mecha.

Prince Buldont was later force-grown into Kaiser Buldont. Emperor Bacchushund who was now just a head gave his power to his son (who was also only a head) to become Kaiser Buldont. Doesn't that remind you Tran becoming Tranza in Jetman?

That's just some of I can think. Any more suggestions?


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