Sentai Rambling: Popular Zeo, Unpopular Ohranger

While I'm now learning more about Ohranger as I'm watching it subbed (and there are 38 subbed epsiodes available) and I've seen some raw episodes myself so I thought I'd ramble a bit again on Ohranger's unpopularity during its airing and Zeo's popularity during its airing. Now I'll share my very opinions on both shows.

Granted, I saw Power Rangers Zeo first but I didn't see it through and through considering that show was a major disappointment for me. Yet Zeo was pretty popular as a Power Rangers season. Meanwhile, Ohranger forced a lot of retooling into the show no thanks to the Tokyo Subway Sarin Attack which took place on March 20, 1995 about 7:00 A.M. to 8:10 A.M. which is understandable to why the show's popularity got affected during that time.

I thought Power Rangers Zeo was plagued by issues that made me not like it like Bulk and Skull becoming defective detectives, the Dear John letter (that was really a middle finger) or I felt like recycling the rest of the cast wasn't really creating any interesting story. I thought that it's really getting boring with the same cast, just power-ups, just a change in yellow ranger from Aisha to Tanya, etc. and come on, what's new when it comes to the cast?

You do knowmy personal biases towards Power Rangerswhen it comes to me that after watching Super Sentai, I simply feel like Power Rangers isn't really my cup of tea. While I don't hate Power Rangers and I still enjoy a few seasons but I tend to play the ignore card at it more often than not hence I really don't have a passion for Power Rangers as much as I do for Super Sentai. If there's anything I'm glad about Super Sentai is that it really tries to be more self-contained which gives more room for creativity.

When I think about Zeo, I think it's just overrated then again, America didn't have any major tragedy that time. Later, it did have 9/11 which forced some retooling into Power Rangers Time Force to try and get lighter than originally intended. In the case of Zeo, I just think Tommy gets more credit than he deserves plus his return was one reason why I really had some biases against Dino Thunder aside from Connor's obnoxious attitude.

While watching Ohranger, I thought the show was pretty much plagued with an overload of merchandise like a power up appears from nowhere or it was trying to compile all the works of Takeyaki Suzuki. You may also consider how it's a massive toy commercial then again, Super Sentai is a toy commercial isn't it?

Even the first episode of Ohranger for me was really well way better than Power Rangers Zeo. You have a lot of action and for one, I'd proudly say that Gorou Hoshino is way more badass than Tommy as back then, Super Sentai in the 90s had lots of the main cast doing their own stunts. The way the show unraveled itself even with some inconsistencies no thanks to the Sarin gas incident, I still think Ohranger is a much better show than Power Rangers Zeo.

When it comes to Super Sentai and Power Rangers; there tends to be a moral of the week (though not always). I thought Ohranger had done its moral lesson plots better than Zeo. For example, episode 34 of Ohranger for me felt like it was better written than how King Mondo got written off especially it had Yuji learning perseverance through a child and the Ohrangers regaining their confidence in a much better way. Also, I thought that Zeo could have modified the plot of easy learning or diet suits as a Public Service Announcement which I personally felt was really missing.

While I am not a Super Sentai purist and I don't hate Power Rangers, I just want to share my opinion on Ohranger. Hopefully, the fan subs will be completed and I'll be able to understand the raw that I've spent my time watching. Hopefully, I'll get to see more Super Sentai and meanwhile, I can't wait to get my hands on GoGoV subs from Another Imagination Station.


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