Sentai Rambling: Super Sentai DVDs For The United States And... Me Sharing My Opinion About It!

So I read from valid sources like Tokusatsu News Network that Gosei Sentai Dairanger will be released next year. I would say it's a great series and definitely worth the watch with all the complicated mysteries or situations that allow you to speculate. In short, it's a great series with some "leave it to your imagination" kind of writing which you just need to watch to find out. On the other hand, I am writing this entry in response to Shogo's latest entry which is about Sentai DVD releases. Now I feel the urge to respond to him in this debate.

With Dairanger's release I pretty want to imagine at least two people from the Power Rangers alumni who might be super-excited. My first guess is would be Jason David Frank who is a martial artist. Tommy was a character devoted to martial arts so I guess he would really love to watch Dairanger over Zyuranger. The other guess I have is Blake Anthony Foster who played the only child ranger in the Power Rangers franchise - Justin! Dairanger also had Kou its very own child ranger who was only nine years old. Hisashi Sakai (the actor who played Kou) was 10 years old when he guest starred as child Burai in Zyuranger and 11 years old in Dairanger. Blake Anthony Foster was 12 years old when he was cast as Justin.

Last year, we had the series that started the Power Rangers craze namely Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger which was adapted into Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers season one. The DVD said, "Before Power Rangers there was Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger." I started to think that it's good that Super Sentai is going abroad now in the form of official DVD releases. It was nice to see Takumi Hashimoto, Reiko Chiba and Aohisa Takahasu in Karan Ashley's show... it was nice to see Yuuta Mochizuki go to the Power Morphicon. It's a nice start but I am thinking that I have an opinion myself that agrees with Shogo then that differs from him.

As much as I don't agree with Shogo that Ohranger is an awful series (I personally enjoy it much better than Power Rangers Zeo, you know why) I really agree with him that releasing Super Sentai DVD based on chronological order may be suicidal. I also agree with him with "jumping around releases" which may actually expand Toei's market. They might actually consider going for newer Super Sentai first then older Super Sentai later depending on the fan demand. I really think it might have been best to focus on the Neo-Saban era first considering not all children today know of the earlier Power Rangers series which was why I berated how Samurai and Megaforce were handled.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger came into my mind because I felt this show had a load of nostalgia not only for Super Sentai fans but also for Power Rangers fans (indirectly). At the same time, it's closer to TV-Y7-FV standards compared to Zyuranger or Dairanger. Zyuranger and Dairanger may click with older Power Rangers fans but not with the current main audience of Power Rangers. Remember Power Rangers is targeted for children. The show itself is on the lighter and softer compared to Zyuranger or Dairanger.

Power Rangers Samurai was just an awful, awful return and the Neo-Saban era where I heard from Orends Range fans were complaining about the show when it aired. The show itself felt like an unlicensed fan-film video than a licensed adaptation - bad editing, bad acting, recycled music and not to mention Bulk and Spike. Even worse, Power Rangers Megaforce eerrrrr... Megafail came next after Samurai in with mostly the same problems. Shinkenger may end up becoming the solution to hit two birds with one stone. Shinkenger provides better acting, music and just about everything.

Shinkenger in itself is also a decent season with a load of eye candy. Megaforce has one hunk (Troy) and two hotties (Gia and Emma) but it's a horrible, horrible show due to all the problems I just mentioned. Troy is uninteresting, Gia has her head bitch in charge personality that just remains or Emma's actress Christina Masterson is so awful! Shinkenger has two hunks (Takeru and Ryunosuke), one hottie (Mako) and one cutie (Kotoha) all done right. I always thought I may not find Kotoha all that attractive but I'd date her over Gia or Emma even if I'd date Mako over her. Fanboys and fangirls alike may still reject a bad show overall.

I might also consider Mighty Morphin' nostalgia the show has especially it had two episodes where they appeared in Kamen Rider Decade which I think can be used as special content. Now I think this is a challenge especially Saban's Masked Rider had a horrible reception with its fans. It had a three part crossover with Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. At the same time, looks like neither Saban nor Toei has renewed any interest to make another American adaptation of any Kamen Rider season at the same time. It might be a challenge to how to deal with two episodes in Shinkenger where Kamen Rider Decade was indirectly involved as well. But then, it may actually prompt for a Kamen Rider DVD release right?

Denji Sentai Megaranger

For a bit of pun time, I could also suggest the release of Megaranger. Now I now Power Rangers in Space is a really popular season while Megaranger is truly Mega-terrific over Megafail. I agree with Shogo on Megaranger as a very well-liked installment. It does have some things Mighty Morphin' has namely teenagers with attitude, a pretty girl in Chisato and some interesting characters. Megaranger is definitely a Mega-trip even if it's not a space episode but still, I could agree with Shogo on this one that a Megaranger release would be Mega. I personally won't recommend Goseiger considering I really don't like it. I do like Gokaiger but it may not be the best time to release it in the United States unless fans demand for it.

I can guarantee you Mega Yellow is way more MEGA than Megaforce Yellow. She doesn't have that head bitch in charge attitude that Gia has. She can sing way better than Emma. I always thought even if I feel like she overshadows Miku but... she's definitely one of the best girls out there. I always felt she's another top quality hottie with some unique beauty. I just feel like though she's appreciated for very stupid reasons too.

I also thought that one way to get rid of Megaforce would be to really have a Megaranger DVD release. The series itself features the adventures of how five teenagers with attitude get dragged into the battle for Earth by fate. They are set to battle against the evil Nezire Kingdom which engages in its quest to enslave the world with demonic science. I guess Megaranger might actually be a good series to release to the United States.

Final thoughts

So far, I would think these are the two series that I propose for a DVD release. At this point, it's really necessary to strike whenever the iron is hot or you lose a lot of business opportunities. I am sharing my opinions so feel free to disagree with me or show some facts where I got it wrong in this post.