Super Sentai Villains I View To Be The Scott Evils Of Their Respective Seasons!

While Super Sentai villains are usually known for their rather impractical and/or absurd plans to conquer the Earth or whatever, some villains actually stood out as "Scott Evils" for me. If you've seen Austin Powers, Scott Evil is Dr. Evil's son and Austin's wayward nephew who always proposed a more practical plan to get rid of his Uncle Austin. His father says, "Let's sink him down slowly to a pool full of mutated bass and leave him there." but Scott Evil says, "Why do you just shoot him with a gun? That would get rid of him instantly!"

Thief Knight Kiros

This guy really means serious business even if he's operating alone. Unlike most of Tube that carries out the typical Super Sentai plan like face-swapping or creating mebius tunnels left and right, this guy focuses his attacks on the Maskmen. When he first appears, she shows he's no laughing matter when he destroys the Shot Bomber and takes advantage of the Maskmen's weaknesses by launching another attack just to tire them out. Plus, he aggressively focuses on getting rid of Takeru so he can get Princess Ial for himself.

Galactic Swordsman Billion

While Chevalier is a more aggressive warrior but Billion is the only really practical villain in Fiveman. For example, he always focuses on doing underhand dirty tactics. While Chevalier had some rare moments of success but most of them get foiled by a lack of common sense. Billion would always set plans that cruelly dispose of people or take advantage of the fact that the Fivemen won't hurt a child or any captive they have.

Back Dimensional Count Radiguet

In spite of his questionable mental health, he isn't someone you can underestimate when it comes to cooking up something really deadly. I always thought how this guy usually targeted the Jetmen when they were at their weakest and even when he's defeated, he usually focuses on getting rid of the Jetmen first then conquer the world later. It can be evidenced during the time he launched Traffic Jigen and during the time he used Apartment Jigen, he knew he had to get rid of the Jetmen for his direct rampage plans to succeed. He would not hesitate to use the Jetmen's weaknesses such as they'll never hurt an innocent person or Ryu's quest to save Maria just to get even.

Lt. Col. Shadam

Yet another evil vile piece of scum who I think still deserves all the hate for what he does, in short he's really Radiguet 2.0 except I wasn't so fond of Rintaro Nishi's acting. In Dairanger, he would recognize that the Dairangers are the ultimate threat to the Gorma and rather than focus on something stupid, well Gara did have her moment with Rin, but I give Shadam the most credit. After all, he did arrange some wicked conspiracy within the Gorma so he can ascend to its highest ranks. When dealing with the Dairangers, he like Radiguet never fails to hurt their emotions that even if he's forced to retreat, he leaves them frightened of what he may do next.

Junior/Gasha Dokuro

Compared to his father Daimaou, I always felt that Junior had more practical plans and harassed the Kakurangers the hardest. Getting rid of him was a huge mistake in Kakuranger. Combined with Kenichi Endo's hammy performance, I felt like this Scott Evil knew how to mix terror and comedy so well. So I wonder why did Endo leave the show in the first place?


Unlike other members of Nezire, Gurail wasn't exactly someone you could underestimate from using human shields, to genetically manipulating beasts and he also set up a "too good to be true" plan that nearly killed the Megarangers. He's never afraid to use any means to achieve his sinister goals. Too bad he was written off to make room for the more dangerous but ever-bickering Nezirangers.

Mikoto Nakadai/Abarekiller

Arguably my favorite Abaranger villain considering this guy is more focused on getting rid of the Abarangers than the usual stupid Evorian plot of the week. I always thought about how this guy is so badass like even temporarily overpowering Dezumozoryla (who was using Lije as a host) or how he bossed round the other Evorians. He would even stack the odds against the other Abarangers by even kidnapping some of their Bakuryus making their lives miserable as ever. I was glad to see this awesome villain "overstay his welcome" making both Evorians and Abarangers suffer because of his insane cruelty and scheming.

Agent Abrella

Oh boy, I thought this guy outdoes Dr. Evil in every way. He hides in the shadows then he always prepares to make the Dekarangers suffer the hardest. He knows he won't easily win in direct combat so he thinks of one sneaky scheme after the other. Arguably, this guy really is one of the rarest Scott Evils ever in Super Sentai!


Arriving later in Gekiranger, this guy at first pretends to serve Rio and Mele but he had agendas of his own. He knew how to prepare a real well-thought villain plan and he's one cruel bastard. He manipulated everyone knowing he must first get rid of opposition before he can rule the world. Much of the show's villainy is really done well by this guy.


While I could care less about the rest of Zangyack but Basco actually helps change the game. He's after the Greatest Treasure in the Universe and he never hesitates to find so many weak spots that the Gokaigers have. He knows he can't win with typical Super Sentai villain plots so he focuses on finding ways to get what he wants and targets the Gokaigers without mercy.


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