Super Sentai Cast Members I Wish to Meet Per Show!

Well I decided to make this rather personal post on Super Sentai protagonist cast members I want to meet and why.  I am just basing the list below on my list of Super Sentai shows that I've watched from start to end as well as those I am currently watching.

Akito Osuga for Bioman

Considering he was my first favorite Sentai ranger, I think it'd be fair I'd pick him from Chodenshi Bioman.  Too bad that the very person I wanted to meet Munemaru Kouda has already died since I wanted to talk about Doctor Man's personality and how I can relate to it.  In the case of Osuga, I might really talk about a lot about my favorite Bioman, Blue Three!  I wish to also talk to him about his focus episodes especially the Prince Arc.

Kazunori Inaba for Maskman

For Maskman, no questions asked my favorite is Takeru/Red Mask.  I always wanted to try and meet the actor in person.  He appeared at the Henshin Con 2015 which I sadly didn't have the time to go to.  If there's anything I'd like to talk with him about are well, everything about Maskman.  I might ask him how it was to play as the show's protagonist, what he thought about the Takeru/Ial love story and I might also ask him about which newer Super Sentai he likes best.

Yutaka Hirose for Liveman

Although Yuusuke is my favorite member of Liveman but I think the most interesting cast member for this show is none other than Yutaka Hirose.  We all know Hirose had played Ley Wanda for Flashman, Dr. Kemp for Liveman, Tranza for Jetman and Demon Boxer Jin for Dairanger.  I would actually ask which villain role was his favorite and what he thinks Tokusatsu needs as of right now.  I might also discuss about Dr. Kemp's rather complex story or if he wanted to appear in any newer Super Sentai, which series would it be.

Kenta Sato for Turboranger

I'll admit that I really want to talk with Kenta Sato the most with Turboranger.  I might actually talk with him a lot about the battle between Red Turbo and Ragorn, what he thinks about Carranger and Go-onger.  

Kei Shindachiya for Fiveman

Well too bad I never got the chance to meet him and Kazunori Inaba during the Henshin Con.  I really love that episode where Ken defeats the Amoeba Rugin out of suit.  I might actually talk about Ken's focus episodes in Fiveman or what he thought of Fiveman overall such as Vulgyre's sudden appearance or if Chevalier for him was a game-changer or not.

Toshihide Wakamatsu for Jetman

I'll admit that Red Hawk is my favorite or that I'd want to meet Radiguet's actor Daisuke Tachi (who IMO was the other noteworthy guy) but I think the most noteworthy is Toshihide Wakamatsu.  Now Gai Yuki might be my second favorite Jetman but I think he would be the best person to meet in the cast and crew.  I might actually talk to him about what he thought of Gai Yuki, his favorite episode or why Gai Yuki was killed off in a very atypical way.  Not to mention, I might really talk about his guest role in Gokaiger on how he and Junya Ikeda were behind the scenes like why Gai Ikari can't see Gai Yuki or would he have wanted a double Gai team-up instead of the actual Gokaiger episode.

Shiro Izumi for Zyuranger

Well he's retired from show business but I think I'd like to meet him to talk about Zyuranger.  Too bad that Soga Machiko and Jun Tatara are no longer with us.  I might actually talk about my favorite Zyuranger namely Burai.  I might talk about what he thought of Burai's death and if possible, compare Burai's legacy in Zyuranger with Tommy's legacy in the first season of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and what he thinks about it.  Speaking of Tommy vs. Burai, I might actually share my views on how his character was introduced and how his character was written off in contrast to Tommy during the first season of Power Rangers.

Keiichi Wada for Dairanger

I just thought that talking with Jason David Frank can be fun but, I would prefer Keiichi Wada over him.  Why is that?  Dairanger is a fully martial arts intense show and I don't think Frank would be even worthy to polish his boots.  Sorry Tommy fans but Wada is a much better martial artist and the former is just overrated by the Power Rangers fan community.  I might actually discuss a lot and I mean a lot especially when it came to the plot of Dairanger.  I might actually ask him about why the ending of Dairanger had a lot of mysteries left behind it and what did it really meant of the series.

Lucio Tan errrr.... Kenichi Endo for Kakuranger

Well I think I'd like to find out why he left the set with Kakuranger.  I would also ask that if he has other plans to guest star with Tokusatsu whenever he can like he did with Dekaranger's movie.  I might also ask him about him doing comedic roles and serious roles.  It might be fun to talk to this guy based on his interviews.  Oh yeah, I'd love to eat with him in Pizza Black and try to do his funny dance for the commercial.

Hiroshi Miyauchi for Ohranger

Who wouldn't want to meet this legendary badass assuming you are a Tokusatsu fan even if you might be a casual fan like I am.  My reason for him would be because he really played several characters across the franchise where he had a role in Goranger, JAKQ and he was the protagonist of both Kamen Rider V3 and Zubat.  Not to mention, he was also Ohranger's mentor.  You can't get any more badass than that huh?  I would really end up talking a lot about his previous roles.  This guy really has much more worth than Jason David Frank because he doesn't play the same character over and over, instead he plays different characters.

Yuuji Kishi for Carranger

Granted, Kyousuke is my favorite Carranger and the actor makes the wacky character come to life.  I would want to ask him about what he thinks about Turboranger, about the comedy plot of his character's romance with Zonette and why he decided to guest star in Gokaiger.  I might actually focus a lot on Carranger's humor as well.

Hayato Oshiba for Megaranger

Initially, I wanted to meet with Eri Tanaka but I think this guy might be more interesting.  I would actually talk about his character Kenta.  I might also talk to him about Hirohosa Soda's previous works and what he thought about them like Bioman, Flashman and Turboranger while comparing some of their elements to Megaranger like the science theme as well as having rangers who are teenagers with attitude.

Kazuki Maehara for Gingaman

Well I think this guy might be a very interesting guy aside from the fact he's my favorite in Gingaman.  I might talk about what he thought of his role as Ginga Red and what he thought about the fact that Ryoma replaced his older brother as the 133rd Ginga Red at the beginning of the series and why the series was called Gingaman even if it had a forest theme attached to it.  If possible, I might also want to talk about Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and what he may think about it.

Masaru Nagai for Timeranger

Beyond all space and time, actually this is where I think things get interesting for me.  I would probably talk to him about his dual role in the series - both as Wataru and Ryuya which both contrast each other in a span of 1,000 years.  I might ask him if who he thinks is the true villain of the series, what he thought of the Asami family's role in the series and I might also want to talk about Power Rangers Time Force comparing it with Timeranger with this guy.

Nao Nagasawa for Hurricanger

While I don't find any cast member particularly interesting in Hurricanger except for Nao Nagasawa.  Yes she's married but it doesn't mean she doesn't become any less interesting for an interview like I would want to interview even older actresses than she is.  I might actually ask her if what it might be if she had a younger brother.  She is after all an older sister I'll never have.  All else, I might also talk about her experience in martial arts and who her favorite martial artists are, maybe I might ask her if she ever thought of appearing in Hong Kong action movies or not.

Kotaro Tanaka (shares same name with Red Hawk's actor) for Abaranger

I know some people think that the actor isn't that great, I agree but I really think he might be the most interesting one to meet with.  For the show's list of villains, I think Mikoto Nakadai was the most badass of them all like how he even forced Evorian to serve him for awhile as the temporary Big Bad, he was also really a sadistic dick in a rather lighthearted series.  I might converse with him focusing on Mikoto, what he thought of the redemption plot and every crazy sadistic plan his character had like trying to crash Jupiter into Earth.

Tyuyoshi Hasashi for Dekaranger

Granted, he's my favorite Dekaranger and I think I'd want to meet him above the other Dekarangers.  I would probably ask him a lot and I mean a lot about his experience with martial arts and talk about the episode where his character fought out of suit.

Masayuki Deai for Boukenger

My favorite Boukenger, no questions asked.  I could actually talk with this guy who ended up playing as what I might view as a live adaptation of Jeffrey Kensaki from the Jetman Manga epilogue (which was non-canon to the TV series as the Jetman Encylopedia written by Toshiki Inoue revealed Ryu and Kaori had a son and not a daughter).  If anything else, I might really talk to him a lot about his character Eiji, I might actually ask him about the Eiji/Sakura focus episode on whether or not the character had any romantic interest towards the character (this is my preferred shipping) and what he thought of Boukenger overall.

Kazue Itoh for Gekiranger

Gekiranger had a lot of interesting cast of characters but Kazue Itoh imo tends to dominate the show more than other characters.  I credit it to the actress' acting skills and show of martial arts.  I might really talk about the fighting styles in Gekiranger, her character role and maybe I might ask her opinion on Aya Odagiri in Jetman, Maskman and Dairanger.

Yasuhisa Furuhara for Go-onger

Considering that he met James MacLurcan (with the other Go-onger cast), I might actually ask him about Power Rangers and what he thinks about it.  If anything else, I might talk about what he thinks about Go-onger as a comedy series.  I might tell him I'm among a few who likes Go-onger.

Tori Matsuzaka for Shinkenger

Tono-sama!!!!!!  He would be the Shinkenger I'd talk with especially his character is my favorite in the whole series.  What I really would want to talk to him first is about his character Takeru and if he wants to compare his Takeru with Maskman's Takeru.  Other stuff that might be worth talking about are previous Super Sentai series, whether or not he's up to meeting older Super Sentai alumni (especially with Kazunori Inaba) and his current career path.

Junya Ikeda for Gokaiger

I know Joe Gibken is my favorite in Gokaiger but... it might be more fun to meet Junya Ikeda.  There are loads and loads of Super Sentai-related stuff that I could talk to this guy about aside from his character of Gai Ikari.  I might also talk to him loads and loads about Super Sentai but it would require me to trim them all down.  I might also ask him why Gai Ikari can't see Gai Yuki's ghost.

Hideo Sasaki for Gobusters

Gobusters doesn't really interest me but its predecessors made me well, appreciate it a little better since I think Kyoryuger and ToQGer are worse and it doesn't help to have Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Megafail in the list of shows that sour up my mood.  None of the Gobusters' main cast really appeals to me but I think Hideo Sasaki does.  Reason?  He actually apprehended a robber in real life!

Stay tuned for more updates!  Meanwhile I'm still holding on for GogoFive subs since I really want to watch that series badly and I've stopped pretending to be a know it all.


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