Super Sentai Mentors Who Are My Top Favorites

I have written about favorite rangers and villains, I would now write about my favorite Super Sentai mentors.  Now I'll just base it on series I'm still watching or those that I have watched from start to end.  Moving on...

Commander Ibuki

Although I haven't seen much of Changeman in subs and mostly either raw or bad dubs (in Brazilian), I always thought that he's a badass mentor with his seemingly SOB personality but he really cares about his subordinates.  He does everything to protect the Earth from suffering a similar fate as his planet Heath which was a later revelation to why he even organized the Changemen.

Director Sanjoru Sugata 

Although Bioman was my very first Super Sentai but I thought that Director Sugata was the very first Super Sentai mentor to impress me.  Best scenes of him usually involve in him performing martial arts scenes in the flashbacks or how he motivates the Maskmen.  Best flashback had to be him and Takeru's recruitment.  I always felt his actor was really unique.

Dr. Dazai

While Turboranger may not be the best Sentai and I know it suffered from rating issues but that doesn't stop me from liking this eccentric scientist.  I always thought it was amazing how he actually took a couple of teenagers with attitude chosen by Seelon and transformed them into Earth's defenders against the Bouma.

Commander Aya Odagiri

She and Ryu were the only known survivors of the destruction of Skybase.  Having had no choice, she took her superior's mantle to become the Jetmen's commander.  I always imagined her as Gatchaman II's Sylvie Pandora taking the role of Dr. Nambu.  Like Sylvie in Gatchaman II, she's also pretty much a good fighter herself.  Again, it may be extreme favoritism for Jetman.

Earth Sage Barza

Yeah I know some will automatically associate him with Zordon of Eltar but he's more badass as he didn't get caught in some time warp.  Even if he's an old man he shows he can still fight and get badass.  I still couldn't forget the first episode where he battled Bandora or later, he tried to get the screaming roots to cure Dan and Mei of their punk status.

Master Kaku

Dairanger being a martial arts oriented season has this badass mentor.  I always thought this guy knew how to instruct the Dairangers in everything they had to know.  He holds a deep dark secret from the Dairangers namely his past.  He had always wanted to balance the forces of positive and negative energies in the Dairanger continuity.

Chief Counselor Naoyuki Miura

Maybe I don't find Ohranger all that great (I'm just eight episodes of subbed episodes before I can truly give a bigger shout) but there's one thing I cannot deny.  Miura himself is a really badass mentor especially he can beat Barlo soldiers even out of suit.  Not to mention, he's played the legendary Hiroshi Miyauchi.

Dr. Kubota

Quite the eccentric but he's already what if you took Dr. Shinichiro Gou/Dr. Shibata from Bioman and made him a Super Sentai mentor.  He has had a troubled past with his former friend Dr. Hinelar in the same way Dr. Shibata had a falling away with Dr. Man.  He does his best to guide the Megaranger group as they graduate from a team of teenagers to those who will ultimately save the Earth.

Wisdom Tree Moak

While he does look like a talking tree straight from the children's storybooks but I can't deny I also like this guy.  He always provides the wisdom that the Gingamen need as they try to adjust to a strange new environment they are forced into.  He is always more than willing to sacrifice himself just to save the Earth.

Doggie Kruger

Don't let his fuzzy appearance fool you as he is one badass commander.  He really knows how to get the job done especially when he's Deka Shadow.  I always thought he had fine swordsman skills and he is really devoted to his job as Earth's commander.


Although Swan isn't really the head commander but she's Doggie's brain behind his back.  Now she may not be much of a fighter but you cannot deny she is the scientific brain behind Dekaranger.

Miki Masaki

While I couldn't warm up too much to Tetomu as a female mentor, she's another female mentor who I think deserves to be in this list.  I always thought that she practically beats off the Sky Fist saints in my favorites chart.  I always like the way she shows her devotion as a mother to her daughter and as a mentor to the Gekirangers.  I just wonder who'll win between her and Aya Odagiri?  If anyhow, I always wanted to joke that she's actually a former student of Director Sugata even if that's just plain impossible.

Hikoma Kusakabe/Jii

Here's another badass old man and what's better is that he's acted by Goro Ibuki, an actor experienced in samurai movies.  What I really like about this guy is that he takes his job to training the Shinkengers seriously and how he is devoted to fighting the Gedoushi.

Takeshi Kuroki

Now I'm not really fond of Gobusters but I think he deserves to be in the list.  I always had a liking for military-style mentors regardless of gender.  I always thought he's a badass mentor to the Gobusters and he is really the best mentor Kobayashi had ever written.  Too bad the show he's in is not really in my favorites list.


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