Turboranger And Carranger Similarity: Ruffian Bouma And Speed King Max Join The Stars!

Here's a similarity between Turboranger episode 11 and Carranger episode 9.  The main difference was Kunio Fuji wrote the Turboranger episode and Yoshio Urasawa wrote the Carranger one.  Now for the startling similarities. 

Turboranger had the story of the Ruffian Bouma who Zulten released into the modern day.  Unknown to everyone in Ragorn's empire but Zulten, Ruffian Bouma had already defected away from the empire.  In that episode, Zulten tried to use Ruffian Bouma to defeat the Turborangers.  When all else fails, Ragorn destroys Ruffian Bouma who is then enlarged by Zulten.  After a giant robot battle, somehow Ruffian Bouma returns back to his senses.  The Turbo Robo then flies into space then drops the dying monster there.  Ruffian Bouma becomes a star.

A similar plot was carried into Carranger.  While Carranger is considerably what you'd call a very lighthearted season but you still have serious moments like these.  In the story, Speed King Max was long missing as he was temporarily working for the Bowzock.  Now the crew idiot Zelmonda was in charge of this mission.  Max overcomes his brainwashing and monster form, he even sacrificed himself to save Dappu from Zelmonda's sword.  The RV Robo carries Max's dying body but unlike in Turboranger, they do not fly into space or throw him into space.  Instead, we see Max's body disintegrate and we see his soul drive some car into the afterlife.  I thought the scene was pretty sad too in itself.


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