As An Only Passing Through Super Sentai Fan, Here's My Reaction To Kamen Rider Ghost's Hero Being Named... TAKERU?!

As I've said, I'm more interested with Kamen Rider than Super Sentai as of late (but I may not write a Kamen Rider blog, Igadevil has done a better job), so here's my latest post that I would use to express myself on the issue. The hero's name is TAKERU Tenkuji and the plot is that he's a ghost hunter. Looking at the picture above, looks like he's going to be using meditative techniques one way or another while fighting the supernatural side by side. I'll admit, I am really a lot more excited for the next Kamen Rider series than the next episode of Ninninger.

"Wow! So the next Kamen Rider has the same first name with me?!"

I'll admit, my first reaction to that was to spit some juice and go, "HUH?!" but there's not so much reason for me or anyone to be surprised. Kamen Rider Den-O's Ryota Nogami was played by Takeru Sato and when you think of it, Kenta Date (Mega Red) may be named after Kenta Satou (the actor who played as Riki Honoo in Turboranger) who also shares the same name with Black Mask (Kenta) so why not name a Kamen Rider after Takeru Sato? Though I think there's more than meets the eye for that.

In the case of the name Takeru, it can mean something for some fans of Super Sentai. For those 90s children like myself or for those kids in the late 80s, the name may remind them of Red Mask. For the last decade, the name may remind them of Shinken Red. Both Takerus were involved in some form of meditation and bodily energy namely Aura Power (Red Mask) and Mojikara (Shinken Red). I would be guessing right now that Kamen Rider Ghost would be using some form of power from within the body that can only be enhanced by training beyond one's limits.

"Hey Takeru, one day a Kamen Rider with your name will show up!"

Looking at this scene in Super Hero Taisen, any 90s child like me might remember that both Kamen Rider Black and Maskman aired in the same year of 1987. Shinkenger and Kamen Rider Decade had the first official Super Sentai/Kamen Rider crossover. The Maskmen gave Kamen Rider Black an Aura Power Boost resulting to General Jack and Shadow Moon getting defeated. I always felt like either it's a series of bizarre coincidences or has Toei been planning something out? I am also reminded about my fandom as a child. Before, I was more of a fan of Kamen Rider Black than I was of Maskman. However, the more I saw Super Sentai, the more I went to be neutral with Kamen Rider. But here I find myself catching up with Kamen Rider and become lesser of a Super Sentai fan.

Anyway, I am so excited for the first episode of Kamen Rider Ghost.


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