Chikyu Sentai Fiveman Is A Public Service Announcement Super Sentai

Whenever I think about the Sentai I'm watching, there have been some episodes with some moral lessons but I thought Fiveman is one huge public service announcement. So really, I thought Fiveman is one season that's SO CHOCK FULL of moral lessons that's so much delivered with full impact even when Hirohisa Soda was already at his decline period, I felt like this show deserves to be awarded with an award for giving us Public Service Announcement in its theme.

I think Soda himself as a writer really liked writing a lot of moral lessons of the week into his seasons, something I feel that might be needed all the more than just promoting the values of teamwork and family. Others have a widespread lesson like the basic of teamwork, importance of family, safety rules or perseverance but I thought Fiveman really was a huge PSA. I haven't seen much of GogoFive but I expect it to be a PSA-oriented season in itself. Granted, the Fivemen were all teachers and it had the kid of the week so you can see there were some lessons to learn in almost every episode while promoting the value of family. I even think Fiveman does a much better job than Magirangers.

Now it's time for me to remember the lessons themselves from the Hoshikawa siblings:

Gaku had pretty much of the lesson of student/teacher bonding especially when he rivals Garoa, Billion and later Chevalier. My favorite spotlight moments are when his students are twice endangered by Billion. I always thought Gaku showed the importance of student/teacher bonding not once but twice when he faced Billion. The first one was when a student of his was possessed by Tiger Rugin and later Billion fooled a child into using the Demon Majin Sword. He also showed the value of persevering and using one's brain. I also loved how he fooled Garoa's rather WTF back to back monster Gorilla/Eagle-Gin with the game of flip cards, showing children the need to use one's brain to beat a physically strong opponent. So really, he should have appeared in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai to teach Gaku Washio what the latter needed to learn.

Ken is another I felt had some very huge public service announcements and he's personally my favorite in the show. His first big lesson was in coaching three children the value of perseverance by defeating a monster out of suit. I also thought of the episode when he thought that he could fully rely on his own strength without realizing they already needed their Five-Tectors considering Chevalier has even the odds against their team. I felt like how this guy has taught the value of perseverance more than once fits well with him as a coach.

Fumiya is a linguist teacher though most of his lessons were based on learning from your mistakes and the importance of teamwork. His focus episode with a Romano Prince taught that revenge leads nowhere discouraging revenge plans. Another had a child learning that there's more important stuff than treasures. I couldn't forget the episode that he was fooled by Dordora (who was in disguise) teaching never to easily trust anyone who starts acting up so nice all of a sudden. Another of his lessons was when he at first taught Five Black was the best but later taught the children the importance of teamwork. It was when he actually exposed the whole sham plot of Chevalier where a fake school took place and teaching children to be more discerning. Also I wonder if that TV monster episode was actually a PSA that it's okay to watch TV but too much of it will haunt you, and it was symbolized in the comedy of that episode.

Kazumi is a Math teacher and she also taught some lessons in never giving up like when she decided to teach a giant alien kid some Math. However it didn't stop there as my favorite lesson of the week from her was all about greed. She taught her student the foolishness behind being greedy which also turned the child into a pig which sort of was a PSA to kids that while it was important to save money but being greedy kills. Perhaps her biggest lesson was when she was suddenly deceived by a charming young man who was really a monster in disguise, which she tried to clean her own mistakes.

Remi well, she's a music teacher but some of her PSAs were something. I thought her first focus episode taught on the dangers of getting drunk and how it can destroy your coordination. I also remembered the episode that taught about the consequences of laziness. In an episode where she actually befriended an outcast Zone soldier, I thought it was teaching an important lesson in peer pressure. I also thought of the episode where she learned from her mistake of getting carried away by emotion and how she taught that lesson by learning from her mistake. When the Fivemen temporarily lost their powers, I always felt she taught us a lesson of being careful about rumors and frame-ups.

Closing thoughts

Other seasons also taught some values such as the typical never lie just to get popular, the value of friendship (such as when Arthur G-6 temporarily lost his memories) and some more I can't remember. I always felt that Fiveman itself was really a public service announcement Super Sentai. Maybe you can mention other seasons you think are very PSA-intensive such as Megaranger for student lessons, GogoFive as a rescue force (Well, I'm now itching to watch the subs and add it to my collection of Super Sentai series watched from start to end), Dekaranger teaching about the lessons from the police station and Go-onger which was a huge PSA about the consequences of pollution but I still feel Fiveman, an underrated Super Sentai deserves praise for being a PSA Super Sentai!