Is Kinji Takigawa/Starninger Really A Mythology Gag To The Relationship Between Super Sentai and Power Rangers?!

Here's some Troper's opinion (though IMO, I think TV Tropes needs to really tell us who's editing what because as said, for discussion reasons and we're all subjected to make mistakes and different views) wrote this:

Starninger could be a reference to the relationship between Super Sentai and Power Rangers: He is a westernized version of the other rangers and both find the other's methods unusual, which mirrors the fact that Power Rangers series are perceived as more serious and violent by Japanese fans while Sentai is seen as more oddball and aloof by Americans. Starninger notably comes off as ignorant to the way the rest of the team works, but is slowly starting to enjoy them, similar to how the American Sentai fandom is more of a recent development.

While I don't really have a positive view of Ninninger but I still can't ignore the possible mythology gag. Now it's time for me to discuss somebody's opinion and whoever he/she is, I feel like there's a mistake in his/her writing with saying Japanese fans view Power Rangers as more serious and violent... considering Super Sentai has been more violent while I agree that Super Sentai can be viewed as "oddball" due to cultural differences.

Now I really want to actually share my opinion on the matter of Kinji Takigawa as a possible mythological gag of sorts. I don't discount the possibility that he is a mythological gag though some people give constructive criticism to me saying that it's just a coincidence and I can just forget about it while others who give constructive criticism say it's okay to explore that possibility. So what's with the mythology gag? So it's highly speculative but it's okay to speculate with some facts.

Looking at the statement that he could be the relationship between Super Sentai and Power Rangers, it's possible. He might be Japanese by ethnicity but he was raised in the United States, something that made him so western. He finds all their methods so unusual which I agree with maybe 80% of the words that Power Rangers and Super Sentai are very culturally different.

I always thought about that while I don't really like Power Rangers (but praises some of its good seasons), I observed the open-minded Power Rangers fans can enjoy Super Sentai to a certain extent and heck, I'm not a fan of Power Rangers but I can still enjoy it like I still want to rewatch some seasons for personal reasons.

So really, is there a mythological gag here? XD


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