Why I Think Judd Lynn Is Fascinated By Gobusters!

While watching some Dino Charge and I'm thinking it might really give Power Rangers a bigger boost, I always thought of the new villain Heckyl in Power Rangers Dino Charge FREAKINGLY resembles Enter. Surprised or not? Not really, Master Org in Wild Force looks like a modified Gorma Emperor costume though that series was under Jonathan Tzachor. Now for a bit of why I think Judd Lynn ends up thinking Gobusters is fantastic. Old news but I want to bring it up again due to Heckyl looking like Enter.

My speculation revolves around the writer Yasuko Kobayashi herself. Judd Lynn was the head writer from Power Rangers in Space up to Power Rangers Time Force. Later he replaced Eddie Guzelian as the head writer of Power Rangers RPM (which was similar to Tyuyoshi Kida getting replaced by Toshiki Inoue for Kamen Rider Hibiki's second half) prior to making a bigger return during Power Rangers Dino Charge.

So why am I bringing Kobayashi up? She was also the head writer for Seijuu Sentai Gingaman and Mirai Sentai Timeranger while Lynn was the head writer for Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and Power Rangers Time Force. Just a note, Lynn was also the head writer for Power Rangers in Space and Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, both series where Kobayashi was an important secondary writer but had Junki Takegami as its head writer. I thought that I really wish Kobayashi will go to Henshin Con and meet Judd Lynn since the two tend to have similar writing styles. If Lynn was the head writer on series where Yasuko Kobayashi was either the head writer or an important contributor, then I think he has a high regard to the writer. Heck, I thought he should have been assigned to write Power Rangers Samurai!

Lynn was the replacement head writer of Power Rangers RPM. Later in 2012, Kobayashi became the head writer for Gobusters. The more I look at Gobusters and Power Rangers RPM, the more I see some similarities between some of the characters and some of its themes. Perhaps he thought Gobusters was in fact, had traces of Power Rangers RPM here and there at the same time, the show used the phrase "It's Morphin' Time" and the use of the term "Megazords" for every piece of mecha in the show. In Power Rangers, enemy mecha were also called zords. Also, the storytelling of Gobusters has a serious atmosphere but tends to crack in what I'd consider as bad jokes namely Hiromu's fear of chickens, which also happened a lot during Power Rangers RPM with Ziggy or half of it having Gem and Gemma as eccentric geniuses.

So I wonder why is he so fascinated by Gobusters? But as of right now, I can't think of anything else but I may soon expand on this speculation.  Just my tiny bit of speculation here. Now only if Lynn and Kobayashi can meet face to face in Morphicon, that would really be fun.


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