Moments In Super Sentai When The "Ultrazords" Get Defeated In Battle!

Ultrazord was a term coined in Power Rangers referred to as the "ultimate combination" and I'd like to share the moments when Ultrazords fail... and I was inspired by Ninninger's latest episode to write this post.

In Fiveman, the finale featured the Max Magma failing against Vulgyre. They used the Max Magma hoping to destroy the Galactic Beast Vulgyre but they were only met in failure. Only by using the powers of the Sidonian flowers did they find the means to destroy the evil beast once and for all. I felt like this scene was more realistic than how Kyukyoku Daizyujin was handled in Zyuranger.

In Ohranger vs. Kakuranger, although it's clearly out-of-continuity between the two shows but I cannot deny that the King Pyramider Battle Formation failed to destroy the Prince Buldont's supernatural monster which was called Impursonator in Power Rangers Zeo.

In Shinkenger, the Samurai-Haoh was defeated by Doukoku in the final battle. However the Shinken-Oh managed to deliver the final blow on Doukoku's wound allowing the heroes to finally save the day.

In Ninninger's latest episode, the Haoh-Shurikenjin was defeated by the Machine Kyubi. So far, it's the oddest formed Ultrazord ever since you've got a zord piloting a zord, piloting a zord. Hehehehehe. Next week, a new combination is coming and I guess, more toys anyone?

Missed any Ultrazord epic fail moments? Let me know!


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