My Own List Of Five Possible Stuff That Carranger Is Making Fun Of During Its Run!

After watching Carranger, I thought that the show is really poking fun at many things as possible. I don't know if you agree with me but here goes my own list:

1.) Super Sentai villains and their habit of making convoluted and/or unbelievable schemes

As much as I really love to point out and nitpick that the Bowzock are stupid but again, I usually don't expect Sentai villains to come out with something intelligent. I always thought that Super Sentai tends to explore the science of stupidity or how villains usually fail to come up with practical solutions. Carranger pokes fun at that idea with how the Bowzock carry on with their plans. Their mission is to blow up the Earth (which they keep calling Earf) but they never come up with anything intelligent. The plan goes from simply jumbling numbers, inflating stuff or creating an orchestra of cars... one has to realize they could have just fired a missile on Earth then the job is done! I can't stop laughing or just criticizing their stupidity then again, even more serious Super Sentai villains still keep cooking up convoluted plans to carry out whatever objectives their organization has.

2.) Making fun of the fact that Super Sentai monster costumes don't look realistic

I always LMAO whenever I think that Grotch buys imo-yokan from Imocho. Imocho is not a bit suspicious of Grotch and besides, I don't think I would easily suspect a robbery if a robber dressed up like Grotch and bought imo-yokan from me. When I think about how Super Sentai monster costumes are well-made, they never become realistic because Tokusatsu operates within a certain budget. I think of the reality that from Grotch buying imo-youkan to how they just easily blend in in spite of their non-human appearance, I think that's how the fact Super Sentai monster costumes were never meant to be realistic.

3.) The hero falls for enemy love story

Unlike the serious edge of Takeru's quest to save Ial or Ryu getting into shock learning Maria turned out to be his supposedly dead girlfriend Rie, the Red Racer/Zonette situation is a parody. The humor involved with Kyousuke and Zonette somehow parodies the idea that people fall for the costumed hero but not for the man behind the costumed hero. Zonette starts to fall for Red Racer's heroism unaware that the "monkey face" Kyousuke IS that warrior in shining spandex (just a re-phrase of Knight in Shining Armor). When I thought of Poison Ivy's crush on Batman unaware he is Bruce Wayne, I find this a little more awkward but that's what makes it funny.

4.) Signalman is a parody of the robot detectives of the now dead Metal Hero franchise

Aside from the fact that Signalman is a Robocop parody, it's obvious that the Metal Heroes are being made fun of in Carranger. Signalman enters Robocop style, he's the new guy in town and he's there to protect the innocent, serve the public trust and uphold the law but tends to fail. When I thought of his first appearance, I tend to LMAO or WTF to some of his decisions. Now he has his serious moments, no questions asked but he is really what if Robocop malfunctioned in some way or he's a rejected Janperson or Jiban design. So really, he has a rather absurd implementation of the law (at first) or that he himself is too much by the book like when he thought that summer cram schools are the best or that he'd even stop at stoplight while chasing criminals. I guess this guy might really argue with Robocop, Jiban or Janperson if they ever met.

5.) Last and most importantly, Carranger makes fun of SUPER SENTAI

While Carranger is not really a parody series in whole compared to Akibarangerbut I refuse to deny one thing. It's easy to see that Carranger makes fun of Super Sentai as a genre and perhaps every trope available. The whole Carranger team are hesitant heroes, I felt like Kyousuke as a goofy red ranger was a huge jump from the usual red ranger heroes done in such a way. It might be a Super Sentai series but you cannot deny how this show is a Super Sentai series that makes fun of the Super Sentai genre. Almost everything is so atypical or filled with a unique mix of humor and seriousness, it's hard to deny that it's a huge jump and as some said, it really saved Super Sentai.

Updated as of: September 2, 2015


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