Recalling The Awkward Moment When I Discovered More of Post Jetman Super Sentai Series Ranging From Zyuranger Up To Timeranger!

If I have written about my discovery about other series that existed before Zyuranger, now I can write about the post-Jetman Super Sentai. The experience for me had me into a roller coaster of emotions starting from becoming a Super Sentai purist (on and off) to becoming a fan all over again and as of late, I'm neutral towards the franchise which I tend to consider a shadow of my favorite save a few shows. I'll admit that it's been a rollercoaster ride but I want to recall this moment when I started learning about Super Sentai.

Everything started and kicked in the day I discovered about Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger from the Super Sentai fansite by Joe Rovang (and warning, spoilers but proceed if you are a spoiler addict like I am), saw its cast and had a mixed reaction towards them. I thought about how I started creating a perceived Great Professor Bias towards Power Rangers, I remembered how I patronized a now down Geocities website dedicated to wiping out Saban off from the face of the Earth but later, I accepted the fact that Saban had legitimate rights approved by Toei to localize Super Sentai into Power Rangers. All my emotions started to go up and down with my discovery of Zyuranger, when I started reading everything about Burai, I soon said, "Wow, this guy is better than Tommy, why did he have to die?!" and thought, Burai must be a rehash of X-1 Mask from Maskman! As for Trini's counterpart being a male named Boi, that wasn't too surprising since I saw Goggle V and Turboranger lame-dubbed in Tagalog.

The existence of Gosei Sentai Dairanger was what didn't shock me too much or did it? I remembered seeing Dairanger toys in the toy store when I was around 11-12 years old. By then, I had stopped buying toys and proceeded fully to books. What I was shocked or not shocked was to discover that the white ranger was a kid? I didn't have too much of that reaction to the adolescent Riki/Kingranger from Ohranger but Kou gave me that reaction considering that he was only nine years old and a... pervert? I'll admit this discovery caused me to dream of Justin Stewart from Power Rangers Turbo to actually squeeze Kimberly's breast, something that TV-Y7-FV standards won't allow.

What I also learned was that the Alien Rangers costumes were from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger and that, two episodes of Power Rangers Zeo took footage from Kakuranger vs. Ohranger, a Super Sentai crossover special that would feature events that couldn't be reconciled to both shows. Back then, I always assumed that there was a Super Sentai timeline, something that I soon learned to accept that it didn't exist.

I wasn't surprised that Ohranger was a military Super Sentai and not everything about it surprised me or not. What didn't surprise me was that unlike in Zeo where Sprocket and Gasket are brothers, in Ohranger, they are essentially the same person in Buldont. I wasn't too surprised considering I saw Chojin Sentai Jetman first seeing Tran evolve into Tranza. What shocked me was when I discovered

Then I could remember my reaction that wait... WAIT, Power Rangers Turbo was based on Carranger?! I may not be able to forget my classic reaction, excitement and maybe you can call it.. brain burst. My first reaction was why in the world did the Power Rangers counterpart had to be called... Power Rangers Turbo when the show it was based on was... Gekisou Sentai Carranger?! But right now, some Super Sentai fans now say that Carranger didn't save Super Sentai but Megaranger did. So really, I feel like I want to be enlightened on the issue.

I still can't forget my classic reaction when first, I thought Megaranger was a space-based Super Sentai or that it was a "successor" to Changeman. So really, I even went as far as to erroneously tell people that Megaranger was a space Super Sentai when the show itself was focused on teenagers with attitude on a cyberspace theme. Wow, I must have lost my mind in space for a long time especially when I was still a Super Sentai purist. Recently, I hear that it was Megaranger and not Carranger that truly saved Super Sentai, just as I hear that Power Rangers in Space saved Power Rangers from cancellation.

Of course, Seijuu Sentai Gingaman. I'll confess I've seen Lost Galaxy on some Cable TV network and my schedule didn't get me to watch it consistently so later, I had to cope up with Youtube before those videos get gunned down by the copyright claims of Toei and Saban. My shock was to learn that Trakeena didn't exist in Gingaman and instead, we had Captain Mutiny (known as Captain Zahab) as the main villain of Gingaman. Years later, I would hear of that nonsense rumor that Lost Galaxy was more popular than Gingaman in Japan. However both Tokusatsu series are probably beloved towards their respective franchises.

I remembered playing the Lightspeed Rescue game and later, hearing of the series Kyukyu Sentai GogoFive. I could never forget how often I compared the costumes of GogoFive to Fiveman, and two I wasn't so shocked to learn that both shows were sibling Super Sentai. Right now, I am just waiting for Another Imagination Station to release the fan subs. I've seen some fan subs before but ONORE to those who didn't continue subbing. Well I'll admit, I want to see more of this series and I want to see it NOW. =P

For Timeranger, I'd say the first time I've seen the comparison by Joe Rovang, I started to see some cultural differences like how Ransik was added into Time Force while Gluto's counterpart Don Dolnero in Timeranger was no joke of a villain. What was funny was that during this time, I had my rather brief relationship with my former love interest who resembles Yuuri in Timeranger, we broke up (No, she wasn't sent back to the future!) who I remained friends with (I don't think me and her would get along as a married couple either!) and that I had problems with facing fate or fighting fate. Strange coincidence of if you ask me! So really, I think

Later on, I would later ask myself why then do research about the reasons why Toei Ltd. allowed Saban and later Disney, then Saban again to have Super Sentai localized into Power Rangers for American audience. It wasn't until I started my international marketing classes that I learned why works had to be adapted. Not only do they generate more money for the parent company but also, it's the best way to target the American audience. I also learned that bootleg means unauthorized reproduction and that regardless whether Power Rangers is either an adaptation, localization or remake, it was a legitimate operation with no legalized theft (misuse of public funds) is ever involved in the process and it can never be bootleg.


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