Sentai Speculation: Is Jin Masato's Final Fate In Gobusters... Power Rangers RPM Inspired?!

Go-Busters 50
Considering that it's very hard for anyone to mention the name of Gobusters without Power Rangers RPM ringing in my head (at least to me), I thought I might actually look at this one.  I thought of this comment by fellow Toku comrade UkiyaSeed of Orends Range take from this very old post of mine:

Okay I spent like "forever" trying to find that comment while I was doing some blog "fall cleaning" instead of "spring cleaning" removing old shames to decongest my blog (semi-reboot has happened since the day I stopped pretending to know-it-all)... now I found that comment whether or not this is true.  But I hope UkiyaSeed can give me the source to at least verify what he said.  With that in mind, something pretty similar happened in Gobusters with Jin Masato's fate in the series.

If you haven't seen Gobusters, I suggest you DO NOT proceed any further or risk deletion... JUST KIDDING!  If you are a spoiler addict like me, GO AHEAD.  

Go-Busters 50
Gobusters' finale still intrigues me one way or another with how Jin Masato sacrifices himself so Enter can be destroyed for good.  The data card was transferred from Hiromu to his original body (and they may have no choice but to destroy him) and and as long as it's in there, Enter will continue to regenerate.  I'll admit, Enter himself is a real sick troll and I think I'm starting to have respect for the guy.  The only way to get rid of Enter was for Jin to sacrifice himself, convert his original body into data where the card is transferred into Jin's body.  Boy, that's one unusual move isn't it?  So like Dillon in Power Rangers RPM, Jin Masato is no longer human.  Dillon was a cyborg in Power Rangers RPM.  So in other words, let's just say Jin Masato's counterpart IS Dillon.

The very brave move done by Jin allowed the Gobusters to destroy Enter forever.  Enter losing all his regenerating abilities, the Gobusters wins the battle.  However the sad moment is that Jin Masato must die... so there was no choice but to finally let him die for good since he was really dead to start with.  So really, did Yasuko Kobayashi even hear what might be the original script for Power Rangers RPM where Dillon inevitably sacrifices himself presumably so Venjix can be destroyed?  Let's just face it, Super Sentai and Power Rangers somehow inspires each other in some way, copying of ideas is inevitable together with a mix of original ideas.

But as I said, Gobusters ended up looking better (at least for me) in the recent years after Kyoryuger, ToQGer and now Ninninger for me aren't working out.  Even if it sounds just too, "Hey let's do a last minute sacrifice." but I thought this was one of the better plots in the series.  Well, Gobusters may never be a big favorite of mine but funny I've warmed up to it ever since series after it didn't please me as much as older Super Sentai.  So if I'll just throw my criticism, I feel like even with the feeling of last minute sacrifice, I still think Gobusters has become a little better in my eyes after I saw Yasuko Kobayashi give up writing a better story in ToQGer.  In fact, this series has also helped me appreciate a little more of Toshiki Inoue's rather lackluster Kamen Rider Faiz starts to look good to me after I saw a bit of Shogeki Gouraigan.

Just leaves me the question as of late... have you warmed up to Gobusters lately or do you think seasons after Gobusters were better?


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