The Irony Of The Baranoia Royal Family In Ohranger

Having finished Ohranger last night, I cannot help but write this blog entry on how Baranoia itself was a family riddled with ironies especially with Queen Hysteria. So let's begin shall we? The whole idea of the Baranoia in Ohranger was that there was some kind of war between two factions way back some millions of years ago namely Pangaea where two factions arose. Like the Planet Bio's Anti-Bio Alliance, Baranoia's royal family arose to rebel believing themselves superior over their creators because of their supposed lack of feelings but, I thought that the whole idea was ironic especially with how they operated with each other.

Even at the beginning, the Baranoia in spite of their hatred for humans viewing them as weak, they did possess human-like qualities that maybe, even Emperor Bacchushund possessed or more importantly, Empress Hysteria. Even if Empress Hysteria had mocked humans for their feelings of love and concern, she showed those affections for both her husband and their son Prince Buldont in more than one occasion like she tries to remind her son of his royal duty. She always had displayed her care for her family and the family returns it back to her. So they were contradicting themselves whenever they were said to despise feelings but they all cared about each other in some way.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

The Empress' human emotions became more obvious after her husband was defeated by the the newly formed Ohblocker. She felt bad about it and when the incredibly unstable Bomber the Great caused trouble, she felt bad about it. She felt bad to see her own son Prince Buldont beheaded but the A.I. chip was still intact. Her display of human emotions were more and more visible when she saw her husband who was only surviving as a head. It was heartbreaking for her to see her husband result in a permanent shutdown so their son Buldont can become Kaiser Buldont. She gave off all her energies so her niece (and later daughter-in-law) Maruchiwa would be empowered.

Even if Kaiser Buldont had become even more cruel than his father, he still cared and loved his mother and cousin-wife Maruchiwa (so really, royalties did that a lot). He went to avenge his father's defeat by exploiting Bomber the Great, to restore their family honor and yet he was also shown to truly love his cousin-wife. Their actions would later disturb Empress Dowager Hysteria in the finale which between episodes 47-48, a six months gap happened and they both conceived a child.

In the finale part, the Ohrangers felt there was really no difference between the Baranoia and human being when it came to feelings. When she saw her own son's actions of taking a baby hostage, she soon felt that the human life was no different than her infant grandson. The Ohrangers could not even shoot down a defenseless baby. Having felt the pain of her heart of causing everyone so much trouble and taking part in her family's evil, she said that her grandson was innocent and she would pay for her crimes. Without a second thought, she blew herself up to save her grandson and because of the feeling of guilt that was very much inside her. She proved herself that in spite of her villainy, even evil characters have loved ones.


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