Bioman And Megaranger Similarity: The Android Girls That Sacrificed Themselves!

During the time I watched Megaranger, I just thought there was one episode that resembled the two parter arc in Bioman involving Satan Megas. We do have a battle of scientists in Dr. Kubota and Dr. Hinelar who were once close friends like Dr. Shibata and Dr. Man. Now for the similarities.

The two android girls have a scene of crossing the street. Miki crosses in the morning while 167 (she wasn't given a human name to cover her true identity) crosses the street at night. Both of their robotic natures are discovered. Miki activates her energy when she's in danger and 167 isn't hurt when she's ran by a car. But unlike Miki, 167 develops human feelings on her own.

Both androids start to think they are human but later discover that they are mecha humans. Shuichi meets Miki thinking she was just a human being. Shun falls for 167 believing that she's a normal human being. 167 doesn't even know her own name.

Another similarity is where both Dr. Man and Dr. Hinelar get enraged by their creations becoming defective. Dr. Man tortures Miki with the thought that as long as she's alive, Satan Megas cannot be defeated. Dr. Hinelar chooses to terminate 167 like Dr. Man chooses to terminate Brain for insubordination.

Both android girls are given the offer to run away only to be confronted by the enemy. Shun wants to save 167 and Shuichi wants to save Miki. Both of them have known the true identities of the android girls.

Both android girls discover that they are robots much to their disdain. Miki at first tried to think she was human but later, she accepted she was a robot. 167 discovers she's an android when she sees she's not bleeding blood at all.

As a result of developing human feelings, both android girls sacrifice themselves to save the heroes. Miki sacrifices herself to save the Bioman from Satan Megas (who will keep assembling as long as she lives). 167 sacrifices herself so Bat Nezire II's sound waves would no longer hurt the Megarangers.

My thoughts? The Megaranger version felt like it was a rushed version of Hirohisa Soda's two parter in Bioman. The Megaranger episode was written by Naruhisa Arakawa who also copied ideas from Toshiki Inoue so it's no surprise he also copied ideas from Hirohisa Soda. I mean, Dairanger's episode where Rin falls for the Media Magician (written by Arakawa) is similar to the episode where Momoko falls for a man she does not know is a monster (written by Inoue).

I thought though that I wished that 167 herself were linked with Bat Nezire II and that as long as she was alive, the Megarangers could not defeat the monster. Instead, it looks like Arakawa took ideas from Bioman episode where the Neural Computer Brain rebelled against Gear, befriended Hikaru and became a target for termination by Dr. Man.

Both plots were pretty good in their own way actually. One involved the son of the main villain, the other involved a ranger.


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