My Thoughts On Hiroya Matsumoto Guesting As Tsubasa Ozu In Ninninger!

After several senior actors guesting as their old roles like you had like Takumi Tsutsui as Toha Yamaji/Jiraiya, Teruoki Ogawa as Sasuke/Ninja Red and Shun Shioya as Yousuke/Hurricane Red so I am not a bit surprised to see Hiroya Matsumoto. Okay I may not be doing episode reviews but I'll share a bit of my thoughts here.

I developed a new opinion. I figured out that I might cherish Ninninger more than Magiranger even if both shows tend to suffer from too many power-ups. Considering that Ninninger may not belong to its own timeline, it's only normal that Tsubasa made a guest appearance in contrast to Sentai seniors appearing as different characters. His guest appearance as his Magiranger makes a whole lot of sense considering Yakumo is a magical ninja which I'll admit, I was impressed that we get to see a badly needed do your own stunt scene in this one.

If you saw a lot of old school Super Sentai, you may notice Super Sentai actors from previous shows or those who will appear in the next season guest star as a different character. Instead, Hiroya Matsumoto guest starred as Tsubasa Ozu like how the Super Sentai seniors resumed their main roles in Gokaiger. 

It also made me think of the following...

Meanwhile, I wished that it was Yuki Nagata (left) who should have been the guest yellow instead. I mean, her character Haruka in Maskman is a ninja. I think she might be able to teach better ninjutsu or fighting than the guest star. Fortunately, Matsumoto's guest appearance was not disappointing even if I'm not a Magiranger fan.

I think Junichi Haruta would make a good guest star. If the actor guest starred as another character in Kyoryuger, why can't he resume his role as Kanpei Kuroda from Dynaman, a series that I want to watch so badly from start to end.


  1. To see a current pic of Red Mask and Yellow Mask 27 years later is incredible! The two did not age!

    Perhaps Issei Iwamoto should also guest star as well. He did play Spear Ninja Toppa in Jiraiya and Blue Mask as well.
    Perhaps your favorite action Director Koichi Tsukamoto should also appear in a cameo too because he did portray Blue Mask in the action seems!!!

  2. I wonder how blue flash and pink mask would look like.

  3. Kapri kuroda was Junichi Haruta's Goggle 5 character, not Dynaman (that's Ryu)


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