Gaoranger's Christmas Special

Ninninger's Christmas episode also reminded me of this Christmas episode in Gaoranger which was somewhat predictable, somewhat not predictable.

At the start of the episode, we see a Chrsitmas Org (which looks like a badly done version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer) giving gifts to children. He does look harmless.

At first, I expected that this Org would be like the Charcoal Org. Charcoal Org unlike the other Orgs was a good monster. I would admit that I was hoping it was a good monster.

What was not so surprising was that the whole act was an act. I mean, Rasetsu's performance with Christmas Org was s good. Christmas Org was really the Kurushime Org meaning "Suffering Org". The Christmas stockings would absorb children so they can be produced into Dream Juice. Man, that's quite a bit of nightmare fuel.

 The captured Kakeru does manage to outsmart the others after he was fooled. The Gaorangers save the day and the children are returned.

Well Kakeru becomes a Santa Claus guy and reveals himself to be him. A fun holiday episode overall.


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