Hoji's Lesson Before Christmas

While episode 44 was the "Christmas episode" but in this one, Hoji does learn a lesson. He may be my favorite Dekaranger but I thought I'd explore his flaws which makes me relate to him. These events happen in episodes 42-43 where a dangerous monster called the Bragoul (and later its twin) appears and two, a meteor will destroy Earth. Shades of Aliens and Armageddon anyone?

Hoji seems to be a nice guy in denial, acting pompous and all towards Ban but deep within, he's really a nice guy as seen in many episodes. He's just a pro so that may be the reason why he doesn't want to openly call Ban as "partner".

Hoji also learns to balance between his life and his family. Sometimes, one can easily neglect their families when there's duty. This reminded me of the scene in Kamen Rider Kuuga when Hikari Enokida was too stuck with her work to attend to her child. Apparently, Naruhisa Arakawa is among the writers who likes putting heroes in balance between them and their family aside from Toshiki Inoue and Yasuko Kobayashi. He really wants to go to his sister's dinner but he has his duty but he tries to make up for it. Pretty much a cool episode and I'd have done the same if I were him. 

The whole plan involves trying to destroy a meteor that could destroy Earth. Hoji tries to do the task himself but Ban later appears. This tests much of his character especially when he tries to do what he has to do. Ban on the other hand wants to make sure Hoji could be at the latter's wedding. When Ban seemingly died, Hoji's true character surfaces that he's a nice guy in denial.

But like Arakawa's typical writing, I thought having a hero seemingly die and come back is one of his cliches. It happened in Megaranger's finale, it happened in Abaranger's finale and where Arakawa is, this happens. Ban revealed how he survived and became the hero. Hoji admits not even he could think about it. Hoji's learning to humble himself was one of the best character developments ever.

Which of course, I thought this scene made me wish that the two episodes were the real fight before Christmas, not the episode where Bisques showed up. Well all's well that ends well.


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