My First Impressions For Next Year's Sentai... Dobotsu Sentai Zyuohger!

Image taken from Ukiya Seed, hopefully Orends Range will be back soon...

Considering Super Sentai is going to have its 40th season and what was amazing was this... Gaoranger was the 25th season and we had an animal season. Zyuohger has its wild theme while having another color code. It fits the motif considering that Zyu means beast and Oh means king. If yo take a look at the color coding, it matches the non-canon Jetman Manga epilogue where the late Gai Yuki is replaced by Jeff Kensaki who is known as Green Eagle. The blue ranger is a female, not a male which reminds me of the female blue rangers in Super Sentai which I'll admit, I've wanted to see another female blue ranger in action. 

The animal motifs are eagle, shark, lion, elephant and tiger. Aside from having a female blue ranger while having a male yellow ranger at the same time, there's other nostalgia you can name. The red ranger having an eagle motif feels like Vul Eagle from Sun Vulcan. The blue ranger with a shark motif was used in Sun Vulcan (Vul Shark) and Gaoranger (Gao Blue). The yellow ranger with a lion motif is well, Liveman (Yellow Lion) where later the Lion was associated with the red ranger (Gingaman, Gaoranger, Shinkenger). The white ranger with a tiger motif can be seen in Dairanger (but it was a sixth member namely Kibaranger, male) and in Gaoranger (Gao White, female). Green Elephant, well that's a color change anyone and Ninninger has a green-colored elephant mecha. The closest thing we have to an elephant was Zyuranger's Mammothranger. What's interesting is that we both had Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger and Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, two Super Sentai series with a "Zyu" which Zyuohger will be the third.

While the suit designs are cool, I always felt the mecha is well are you trying to sell Lego or Minecraft anyone? As a person who loves Lego, the mecha does appeal to me in some way but I expected better designs from Toei. Then again, the designs in ToQGer (at least for me) for most of the heroes' equipment were pretty bland. I'd take these lego-like designs over the trains in ToQGer for now.

So how will this series turn out to be? Who will be the head writer and sub-writer? I'll just have to sit down and find out. =P


  1. For a Anniversary series and it's 40. Wouldn't a unique and different theme be used???
    3 times is not just the charm but limit. TOEI did Electronic, Cars, Dinossaurs and currently Ninjas.
    Animals are very versatile as they are used as design but a pure Animal series has been done 3 times already.
    Sun Vulcan- a military team
    Liveman- a science team
    Gaoranger- a mystical team.

    Liveman at the time was a 10th anniversary series as the two Ishimori series did not count.

    And Gaoranger is a 25th anniversary series.

    ZyuOhgers has the same mystical vibe as Goseigers with members based on a elemental tribe.

    The robots look too Mindcraft blocky. And the Robot is only limited to the three component that would interchange like a Erector set. Then again it is a full 5 members.

    The red eagle has a batterizer form where his Eagle form changes into a Gorilla form. A homage to Justiriser Glen Riser.

    The Green Elephant has been done only in the Saban format with Jungle Fury as one of the Spirit Rangers.

    Weapon wise, as much ToQgers did not have in "imaginative " design of their weapons. At least they have plenty compared to sadly what ZyuOhgers have. The Red has his synonymous sword that becomes a lash but the other 4 has the sword and gun which is put together with a red and blue block!

    I always think that the core members should have the standard side arm and their personal weapon with a extra weapon or upgrade via armor or batterizer! Not counting early series but teams such as Changeman, Jetman, possibly Go Go V, Timeranger, Dekaranger, and Go Busters. They are only limited to only one set of weapons and that's it which is ghetto.

    The only characters that should only get one weapon is the 6th or Bangai member!

    I am not optimistic the Toshiki Inoue or any of the creative writers will be working on it and Kobayashi won't be doing a Sentai series anytime soon now.

    Will this series be as grand as Gokaigers or another dud like Kyoryugers ect. Only time will tell!


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