Rambling On Grown Ups In Spandex Are Now Subbing Changeman And Flashman!

After the mission of completing the Bioman subs for the episodes (got to wait for the special feature), Grown Ups In Spandex has now finished two classic 80s series. After watching some of them raw and some incomplete subs (hopefully, they will be done), the first episodes have been released. Sidenote, I still want to see Janperson fully subbed soon enough.  I have seen some raw episodes of these shows or have read some synopsis but as I learned it the hard way, it is not enough, I must watch these shows. Both of these shows happened the Takeyuki Suzuki era (which I believe influenced both Super Sentai and Power Rangers in one way or another) with Hirohisa Soda as the head writer. 

I have seen some episodes of Changeman but a lot of them are left unsubbed. After rewatching the first episode subbed, I couldn't still forget the cool military training scene, the "devilish commander" Ibuki and that they must defend the Earth from Gozma's incoming invasion. 

What I pretty loved about the opening was how the harsh training was meant to find out who would be selected by the Earth Force though sad, the others couldn't be saved when the initial invasion happened. The scene of the Earth Force showing up is one awesome scene and how they must fight the invaders.

The scene features the arrival of the Gozma who is an extraterrestrial organization and wait, there's that huge projection of a head and torso known as Planetary King Bazoo. I just had my wishful thinking that Power Rangers in Space had used some of Bazoo's footage for Dark Specter himself. I mean, didn't Power Rangers also get ideas from other shows that they did not adapt? Either way, it was nice to actually have a Bazoo-like villain created for Power Rangers in Space which I think is a decent tribute.

The scene where the Changemen get their power after nearly dying was really cool. We hardly see those kinds of scenes in most of Super Sentai and Power Rangers. The closest to doing that kind of scene happened in Gingaman and Lost Galaxy - both scenes were good in their own respects as well.

There's also Flashman which really has a "lost galaxy" in it namely the Flash Solar System. I always felt like inserting Power Rangers Lost Galaxy's musical score. I mean, five children suddenly get rescued by aliens from a "lost galaxy", namely the Flash Solar System.

The five children grow up earning some kind of civilian superpowers like Jin's scientific mental knowledge, Dai's super strength, Ban's super speed, Sara's sharp mind and Lou's incredible jumping abilities. For twenty years, they were at their new home where they were training to fight Mess. One day they return home to fight Mess but were met by a security robot (Mag) who would be their ally for the rest of the series. The concept of having powers outside one's suit may have originated with Flashman and it was later added into Gingaman (based on tribal powers), Dino Thunder, Power Rangers SPD, Operation Overdrive and Gobusters. 

The enemy is Space Empire Mess where they are manipulating life. They have entered into Earth seeking for lifeforms to manipulate considering that Earth is the most abundant in lifeforms for them to conquer. The concept was later carried on to Megaranger's main villain cast. 

The incoming fight scene was really great. After some suitless fight scenes, they become the Flashmen revealing their prism weapons. The introduction was pretty cool and the fight scene was pretty much dynamic. These guys are still trying to adjust to Earth considering that they have been in a lost galaxy for 20 years. 

I'll just have to wait and see how I will end up liking the series when I've seen it from start to end.


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