Sentai WTF Moment: So What's Up With Giving Two Tyrannosaurus Rex Babies To... A KID?!

Image above is taken from Morphinominal...

Remember this is a spoiler so don't read if you don't want to be spoiled... but if you do, then go ahead and read. Assuming there are some people who already saw Zyuranger start to end, I would really want to bring one plot that still made me think was, "This is a terrible idea." and Goushi shows it. And yes Goushi, I feel you, it's a terrible idea to give two dinosaurs to a child.

The scene takes place after the Zyurangers defeat Bandora's forces sealing her away for a second time. The scene at the hospital makes me think, "Zyurangers, what in the world are you doing giving those two baby dinosaurs to a little child?" I mean those are two T-Rexes and I think Doug Walker if he ever decided to watch Zyuranger would say, "What? Are you kidding me? Why are the Zyurangers giving two baby T-Rexes to... a child?" then you might get a Jurassic Park scene inserted into it because it's just a horribly bad idea. Dinosaurs are born very small but they grow up to be massively huge which makes me think, "How is the child going to take care of them when they grow up?" I also want to believe this scene was meant to be a real life scene of the Zyuranger main cast actually giving a cast member the two obviously fake dinosaurs to the child as a thank you gift. But still, couldn't the thank you gift just be done off-screen because I felt like the scene was just so weird. Plot-wise, it's a huge negative against the show for me.

After Zyuranger's finale on February 12, 1993 we have Jurassic Park (based on a novel published on November 1990) screened in the United States on June 11, 1993 and Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers started its actual airing on August 28, 1993. I might also have Goushi thinking, "Well, Jurassic Park is getting to the big screen." More importantly for the American Toku fandom, Mighty Morphin' would become Toei's entry point for the American market in that same year.

What are your thoughts on this scene?


  1. idk why but the dino look a lot like the alien from the AVGN Movie lol


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