This Week's Ninninger Is A Public Service Announcement Against... Con Artists?

This week's Ninninger is almost a public service announcement. Knowing it's the Christmas season, it's very easy to fall for dirty business, isn't it? And here's a bit of what went on...

The first thing to happen was that this "Santa Claus" guy (actually the monster of the week) says there's this magic ring that brings wealth. Like every dodgy guy, the monster tells the yet to be victims to never tell anyone.

 It was too predictable to have Birbougami disguise as Santa Claus. Abaranger had Reirannibisanta who was assigned to give gifts that would turn humans into Barma Hei. In this one, it promises wealth but the results are not pleasant.

Like any real scam that promises wealth, the people become poorer and poorer instead. Many people get conned by several double your money scams during the holidays. I guess this week's message really showed a lesson not to fall for scam artists that promise easy money.


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