Twas Ninninger's Fight Before Christmas

Twas the fight before Christmas. This one takes place after that Santa Claus ahem monster tried to rob everyone of their wealth. Now it's time to really have a Christmas party with Kibaoni Mangetsu. This one also has a scene of people turned into peanuts but fortunately, nobody got eaten but other people have died off-screen.

The first event is a kite battle. Yakumo manages to use his magic to win.

I'm not really a fan of mounted archery... so I don't want to comment on this one.

The Ninningers lost in the dance battle with how creative the dance steps of Shutendoji managed to beat the others.

 I'll admit, Takaharu in spite of being a "baka", he is still able to win this round with the help of Shishioh.

The arm wrestling match was all a set-up. That whole noxious scent would have killed me and now...

Kibaoni Mangetsu set everything up. When Lion Haoh's essence Shishioh is drunk, it allows Mangetsu to simply cause trouble for all he pleases. I'll admit it was a pretty well set-up plan.

Tsumuji Igasaki is later put to a ridiculous plan to look like that stupid cat monsters so they can recover Shuriken-Haoh from the enemy.

What I have to admire is that in spite of the lack of "do your own stunts scene", Mangetsu's fight with the Ninningers showed he was no joke.

Fortunately Gramps is also there aside from giving a Shuriken to help in the final battle.

All the mecha show up to finish off both Mangetsu and Shutendoji. I was glad that all the excess merchandise was put to good use for a magnificent scene. But I'll admit, sometimes I do appreciate a show with lesser mecha at times.

The Ninningers then celebrate Christmas Eve having saved the world. Not really all that cool but it's still good.

So Kyuemon is... Gengetsu's firstborn? How is that possible? Apparently he's an illegitimate child. Whether or not the claim is true remains to be seen.


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