Best Sentai Mecha Innovations IMO

If there are weird or funny innovations (and not all of them are horrible) for Super Sentai mecha, here's some that I'd consider are the best to count.

Everything goes out with starting the Battle Fever J Robo. So we had a samurai-based robot but what took it a long time to create a samurai Super Sentai?

Denziman featured the first transforming robot. Secondary robots would later be transforming in nature while primary mecha were usually combining in nature.

Bio Robo was the first robot to use various finishing moves. The concept was copied into Galaxy Mega for Megaranger. What I liked about this robot was that it really managed to stand up on its own and come up with various techniques to overcome stronger enemies. It was also the first semi-sentient robo but didn't vocalize like Daizyujin.

Maskman's five piece combining robot gave each and every ranger a different mecha. This became standard fodder for several series to come.

Combining both the primary and secondary robots together. The best designs for me are Super Live Robo, Super Five Robo, Great Icarus, Super Galaxy Mega and Max Victory Robo.

The introduction of the base robot that turns into a gigantic fortress of destruction. In Turboranger, it wasn't able to walk. In Fiveman and Dekaranger, their base robots were able to move. My favorite one was the more humanoid Dekabase Robo. For Turboranger and Fiveman, the fortress robots combined with all the other mecha to form the ultimate combination.

Introduction of a self-operating robot. Tetraboy was the first. GogoFive managed to take it to another level by allowing Liner Boy to combine with Victory Robo to form Max Victory Robo.

The use of sentient mecha started in Zyuranger. Daizyujin was the first fully sentient mecha though I wonder, why were the Zyurangers still piloting it?! Other series that used mystical mecha were Dairanger, Kakuranger, Gingaman, Gaoranger, Abaranger (they even talked), Magiranger, Go-onger (shades of cars), Shinkenger and Kyoryuger.

Combining five humanoid mecha into one awesome mecha. Kakuranger also introduced the concept of a secondary combining robot. My favorite versions are the Oh-Blocker in Ohranger and the VRV Robo in Carranger. Oh-Blocker had a cool finishing move while VRV Robo really had badass artillery from its carrier mecha Victory Trailer.

Timeranger's Time Robo was unique because it could go into Alpha and Beta modes. The third mode Gamma is similar to the Ikarus Haken in Jetman.

Gaoranger started the multi-gattai mecha which was continued in Abaranger and Boukenger. I always wanted to have fun imagining different combinations that were yet to exist in the shows. Alternatively, Gekiranger and Shinkenger created multiple-add on mechas instead of replacement limbs for the principle of multi-gattai.

Ultimate Daibouken for me was the only worthy cluster mecha combination. Most of them for me never reached this level of badass design. The rest of them were either inspired or just lacked the same innovative spirit as this combination.


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