Cheap Looking Super Sentai Sword Props In Modern Seasons

While it could be understood that many swords in the 80s Super Sentai looked cheaper than those in later seasons due to the technology that time. I thought about the quality of sword props in later modern Super Sentai seasons weren't really good. Some of the swords of older school Super Sentai from the 90s to last decade looked better than these. So are they immediately promoting the toys directly instead of having to use prop swords? Looks like it.

Kyoryuger's Gaburicalibur

While Kyoryuger had lots of the main cast doing civilian fight scenes, I thought the Gaburicaliburs really look dull. The civilian fight scenes done by the main cast are still a plus for the show though.

ToQGer's Rail Saber

Much of ToQGer feels for me, "Is this the best innovation they can come up with?" These Rail Sabers make me think that the crew responsible for design for just almost everything in the show weren't putting their heart into it.

Ninninger's Ichibantou

I could understand ToQGer having those Rail Sabers because the show had children in the bodies of adults. As for Ninninger, I really feel like come on, is that the best the show could come up with? The swords of Kakuranger and Hurricanger were far better designed. This is a ninja Super Sentai season and why are we receiving these cheap looking Ichibantous instead?


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