Gingaman Team Analysis

I decided I'll do some backtrack with Gingaman considering I haven't written that much posts. After watching the series twice, I thought this would be a good entry. Again, this isn't a news blog compared to JEFusion or Ukiyaseed so don't expect this blog to be updated with every episode.

Ryouma/Ginga Red

While he wasn't supposed to be the 133rd Ginga Red since he wasn't the firstborn but events on the first episode altered his fate. When he saw his brother Hyuga supposedly perish before his very eyes, he has no choice but to take the Star Beast Sword to become the 133rd Gingared. Although he does seem immature at first but it was fun to watch him mature as a leader. In spite of his victories against Sanbash and Budoh, he had doubts because by birthright, he wasn't supposed to be Gingared. He wanted to return the Starbeast Sword to his brother during the latter's return, he discovered along the way he was really picked by fate to be Ginga Red and he wasn't just that "sit in" red ranger. Unlike Geki, he doesn't have much of that brother issue considering we don't have Hyuga in a dying state. Later, he's shown to be maturing as he struggles with leadership until he leads everyone to victory.

Hayate/Ginga Green

For somebody who uses the wind, he feels like he's very cool and quick-witted instead of being unstable. He feels like another tragic figure as he supposedly lost his fiance Miharu during the beginning of the series when the Ginga Forest was turned into stone. While he has some little comedic relief like he doesn't like tomato (but later loved them) and honey, he's just as homesick as ever. He also had a recurring rivalry with Shelinda which is pretty in par which started after he scarred her in their battle. I mean, Shelinda is pretty much an Amazon woman in terms of fighting prowess. In spite of all his trials, he's always been proven to be a reliable sub-leader such as holding off against Shelinda or when he found the materials needed to make the flute necessary to counter enemy attacks.

Gouki/Ginga Blue

I always joked he was "Sub-Zero" in Mortal Kombat during the opening because he was doing a water blast. He's strong but shy which makes a gentle giant type of badass. Even if he does seem dumb but he can actually cook pretty well. His recurring gag as a partly comedic character is his crush on Suzuko Miyasawa who he slowly won over as the series happened. Even if he's usually calm but like water, he can break it out like crazy especially in their fight against the Balban.

Hikaru/Ginga Yellow

He's the team prankster, slacker and sort of the team jerk but he's a really nice guy. While he doesn't have any feeling of wanting to the best, he does have his tendency to think only of himself but returns back to his senses. One instance was when he wasted his Earth power doing a magic show, hoping to get popular so he can get more doughnuts. That kind of attitude put him in odds with both Ryoma and Hayate. Like Gai Yuki in Jetman (who was sort of a prankster as well), he developed to become a more responsible character as the series went by.

Saya/Ginga Pink

Although she's a pretty gentle person but watch out, she can still fight even on her own. I always thought her use of cat-like fighting abilities has been one of the best innovations for fighting techniques. She always tried her best to hold back her tears especially when it came to Hyuga whom she had feelings for. I thought it was fun to watch her and Hikaru develop as the youngest members of the team.

Hyuga/Bullblack II

After the first Bullblack died, Hyuga returned as it turned out that he didn't die. It was even foreshadowed in Ryoma's dreams that Hyuga actually survived. For a time being, he served as the host body of the first Bullblack but later on, he ended up using the same powers. He has returned affirming to his brother Ryoma that the latter is now officially the current Ginga Red. Later on, he supposedly gave up his Earth Power seeking for a way that they could defeat Captain Zahab once and for all with a powerful axe that the betrayed Pucrates created. After getting rid of the Knight Axe, he gets his Earth Power back.


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