Good Old Joji Nakata Is Voicing Azald For Zyuohger

After updating on UkiyaSeed, I have noticed here's what I'd consider to be a good news/bad news scenario. So far, Joji Nakata did voice Rosyuo in Kamen Rider Gaim but never appeared in the flesh. So what's my take? The guy has played two noteworthy villains namely Sir Kaura for Flashman and Great Profesor Bias for Liveman.

I haven't seen much of Flashman but seeing him in action based on a few clips - I'd say he was a really badass foe. He was responsible for kidnapping the Flashmen when they were still so young (WTF, how could he do that?) and I'd say it was partly his fault that they grew up in the Planet Flash and its four moons. So talk about how your actions end up having an equal and opposite reaction. What's so badass about him is after a fatal exchange of blows with Jin/Red Flash - he's still alive for the next episode where he performed a kamikazee attack in the next episode. He held the secrets of the Flashmen which added an entirely new level of conflict. In the end, he ended up revealing to Sara the identity of her family before he died.

Just two years later, he got the honor of playing the main villain Great Profesor Bias. After playing the terrible space hunter, he acts as a professor I'd dread to have while he's an acting mentor I'd like to have. As the mad scientist, he has shown to be a really dominating presence with no sympathy for humanity that I had zero sympathy for this guy. His death felt symbolic as she was dying for all his atrocities. His own sinister ambitions destroyed him to the very end.

So I wonder, will Nakata also appear as his character's human form? Hopefully. I mean, this guy is just so good.


  1. Another shock is film actor Susumu Terajima who is known for violent roles mostly of Takeshi Miike. Susumu Terajima will portray JyuOh Red's uncle who may be the team's mentor!


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