Ninninger's Finale Is Coming...

After looking at UkiyaSeed's blog, there's some details and yes, Ninninger's finale is just three more episodes left as episode 44 resumed broadcasting on January 17, 2016 after a holiday break. So what's going on? Aside from the big bad Kibaoni Gengetsu has been revived, this might be the most intense moment yet. The Big Bad himself revealed that he had an illegitimate child 444 years ago which shocked everyone that Kyuemon is his son. I felt the revelation was so sudden in the past few episodes. 

Just my thought is it WTF stupid especially when the senile grandpa Yoshitaka says that he must be killed by one of his grandchildren to get the "nintality". I dunno, is Kento Shimoyama and/or Naomi Takebe trying to get serious after being so lighthearted for some time? I just felt screw the inconsistencies here. Fortunately, this show has been a more entertaining and tolerable than ToQGer where Yasuko Kobayashi and Takaaki Utsunomiya no longer had any idea on what to do. 

Three generations of Akaninger? Grandfather, father and son are all the three Akaningers for the finale? Yoshitaka the Last Ninja, Tsumuji his son and Takaharu his grandson will be fighting in battle together. I do find the idea of Tsumuji fighting since the ninja ability somehow skipped one generation and instead, went directly to Takaharu.

While I still have mixed feelings with Ninninger, I hope that the finale won't be disappointing.


  1. After episode 1-6, I was not impressed and we been there and done that with Kakurangers and Hurricanegers and the two is twice as good as Ninningers!

    The majority of the characters are not interesting with the exception of Momoninger and Shironinger.

    The grandfather is annoying with too many humors and not enough serious philosophical thinking and drama.I thought the actor Takashi Sasano worked better as Professor Mukai in B- Fighter

    The father, Taumuji is just lame and dull. If he was played off as a experience warrior that was as serious and gruff as some of the previous
    Shinkenger I think the character would have been much more interesting!

    As lame as ToQger was, at least it was original in theme. But instead of the 49-52,53-55 episode run. It wil have a mere 47 as well as ToQger previously.

    It was fun while it lasted.


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