Red Mask And Red Falcon: Filming Badass Scenes With Them Retractable Swords

Back in the 80s, some equipment were really obviously plastic. On the bright side, there were really lots and I mean lots of action that accompanied them. Two swords came to my mind which made me say it's dull but just wait until you see these guys in action. Note that the stuntman used here is the legendary Kazuo Niibori

Takeru/Red Mask with his Masky Blade fight scenes

Okay, I've written an article on the two Takerus but I'd focus on Red Mask here. I thought his Masky Blade looked so plastic that the default swords of the Maskmen (which accompanied the Laser Magnums) team looked sharper. Most of the time, he preferred to fight with his Masky Blade which allowed him to do the Laser Arrow move (Geki/Tyrannoranger later does this move against Burai/Dragon Ranger) and the Masky Crash. For a plastic sword fight scene, I'd say that the lack of the illusion of sharpness was made up with a lot of pretty intense action scenes whether it'd be monsters of the week or enemy commanders. While theoretically Shinken Red has been the better swordsman Takeru but Red Mask has delivered more intense action with his Masky Blade instead.

Yuusuke Amamiya/Red Falcon with his Falcon Sword fight scenes

Another really badass red ranger is Yuusuke Amamiya. During Liveman's run, the guy has performed incredible fight scenes with that obvious retractable Falcon Blade. But don't mess with this guy, he's not called Red Falcon for nothing. He beat Sword Brain who had a sharper looking sword. He also had his clash scenes with Dr. Kemp (acted by the legendary badass Yutaka Hirose) which one had a better looking sword. Yet that retractable sword prevailed in several levels of badass. I just loved all the action that Red Falcon had with that odd-looking sword. I always felt that both Yousuke Shiina and Sosuke Esumi needed to have sword-handling lessons from this guy. In Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, Gaku Washio was lucky to have received some sword-handling lessons from him.


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