Sentai Badass Moment: Daimon's Milk Tornado Drop

Here is one of GoGoFive's really intense moments out of suit. Okay, my favorite has still been Nagare Tatsumi. Daimon here deserves some spotlight for this rather reckless move. 

Is it me or has this episode become a public service announcement to drink milk? I do find the opening to be pretty weird with drinking all that milk before entering into battle. It does take time to absorb the nutrients in your food, right? 

This is a great opening up where both of them are exchanging judo throws between Daimon and Spartan. It's pretty risky to fight monsters out of suit if you ask me. Sidenote, I felt like Chad's use of karate in Lightspeed Rescue was better written than this scene.

Daimon shows he's no easy opponent. The Vacuum Tornado Drop move is done on an UNMORPHED Daimon. Guess what? Daimon survives that really ridiculously powerful attack. Standing up after that out of suit is mostly impossible. Most rangers back then would have been sent to the clinic or emergency room if Spartan did that to them.

The whole counterattack with the Tornado Drop after he's been tornado dropped is one badass moment. Daimon had that huge drop and he's still strong enough to withstand it and beat it. Other rangers would have probably just fell off but not Daimon here. I'm amazed to how he's still all intact to suit up. Momoko in Maskman wasn't so lucky considering her badass fight scene led to the team's defeat. Nice scene but it's pretty exaggerated though.


  1. Reminds me of Popeye when he eats his spinach! Toei must have thought of that when they wrote this in for Daimon.


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