Super Sentai Suits I Find To Be Pretty "Sub-Standard"

Just a start, just because a show appears here doesn't mean I dislike the show. I'm just pointing out which suits I felt weren't really in part for my taste.

I've watched some Battle Fever J and I'll admit, it's a pretty cool show even if it's really that old Super Sentai. I'll admit this wasn't really what I had in mind when it came to costume innovation. I was amazed how this suit was made for the one-shot X-1 Mask in Maskman.

I just thought that I'm not such a fan of minimalist designs. Kakuranger is one of them. It might be a fun show but I still can't help but think the suits are bland. The action and other stuff made up for it.

I could agree these designs are not appealing. I remembered ridiculing Power Rangers Zeo for these designs before I saw Ohranger.

As much as GoGoFive is a fun show but I personally like the Fiveman suit designs better. I kinda want to poke fun at these suits' designs.

ToQGer, I really can't help but mock their suit designs. Now some shows had badly designed suits but makes up for it with some cool action scenes like those I mentioned above. I always felt like these suits were designed by a pre-schooler but it fits to them being children in the body of adults. Good thing Saban Brands is skipping this show or oh boy, I can't imagine how low toy sales would be if it ever became Power Rangers.

Meanwhile, you may want to check out my list for best costumes for Super Sentai.


  1. I do find all the suits here really cool, though, except for ToQGer.
    I admit ToQGer's suit design made me think it's like a bootleg Sentai-wannabe show when they were first revealed (not to mention ToQ-Oh as well).

  2. I thought Jetman did not come close to the appeal Gatchaman had in design. Of the three Dinosaur series, Zyurangers was very dull with those diamond themed suits.

    Go Go V, the helmet and the umbrella pattern suit killed the show for me.

    The top worse design is drum roll please....

    ToQgers, the helmets and suits Ewhe!!!

    I beg to differ with Kakuranger, the design is simplistic but works!!!

  3. I've heard a lot of complaints over Battle Fever J's suits, I don't mind them, but the original designs for them look way more badass:

    I also do like GoGoV znd Ohranger's.

    ToQger's...not the best and how can they even see through those rails covering their visors?


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