Them Red Rangers Who Were Sword-Fighting Experts

It's somehow typical to typecast red rangers as "that swordsman" even if it wasn't always that way. Here's the line of red rangers who stood out as sword handlers. The sword was also a symbol of leadership and justice so I guess that's why this long line exists.

Takayuki Hiba/Vul Eagle II was the first to introduce the art of red ranger swordsmanship. That blade in this picture looks pretty sharp. I haven't seen much of Sun Vulcan to comment on this one. I just got the information from Shogo B'Stard. Sidenote, it's too bad Rocky De Santos in Mighty Morphin' never got this good. The rather competent Jason Lee Scott was so unfortunate to get such an idiot to replace him.

Whether or not Kenichi Akama counts is something that I can't conclude but I decided to add him here. Even if his main weapon is a rope, he had been seen using his sword more in combat. He has clashed with Deathgiller in episode 15 which formed some kind of rivalry with them. This was the start of Kazuo Niibori performing the red rangers.

Hokuto Dan/Dyna Red wielded the double Dyna Swords. He has challenged his rival Prince Megiddo in sword combat. The fact he chopped off one of his rival's tail makes him somebody you shouldn't mess with.

I don't know if this guy should even count but he's clashed with Mason several times. One may also consider that his ancestor was a samurai. The Biomen all used swords in combat but only he and Ryuta Nanbara managed to use the sword more often in fending off foes. He also one samurai fight scene with Monster which he showed his badass sword moves. Plus, the fact he dares wield a fire sword as a blade (but it's obviously stock footage reliant) makes him oh so badass though that stunt may have been too dangerous to be given more screen time.

Although all the Changemen had swords for each member, Hiryu Tsurugi/Change Dragon shows how much of a greater sword fighter he can be than the rest. It all starts with his sword clash with Buuba and with Commander Giluke. If Andros is looking for somebody to look up to, I feel like he should look up to this guy and not Kenta Date. You know why I just threw that pun.

Jin/Red Flash uses the Prism Holy Sword which he can wield with the Prism Shooter's sword in combat. He has also survived clashing with two of his rivals namely Ley Wanda and the Alien hunter Sir Cowler in combat. I guess Leo Corbett would be looking up to him instead of Ryoma.

Takeru/Red Mask has shown awesome feats with his Masky Blade. In episode 24, he has shown himself capable of fighting with two swords. He has used that sword many times in battle. In his final clash with Baraba, he even cut the legendary Holy Prism Sword into two with one strong impact. You couldn't mess with this guy.

You don't mess with Red Falcon considering that he's well, got the slashing ability of a falcon. He has clashed with various swordfights and came out pretty victorious. Episode 18's battle against Sword Zuno was one of the best moments he's ever done. This alone also made me wish that the Liveman trio showed up instead of the Hurricangers in Gokaiger.

Don't get me started on this guy's really badass power and how imbalanced he tends to be. I mean, he's had a clash with Zimba, Yamimaru, Rehda and even RAGORN and lived through all of it. Plus, don't get me started that there are times his GT Crash attack would end up as a finishing move. His sword fighting against Zimba and Yamimaru were also pretty epic scenes themselves. Best use of his sword was fighting Ragorn one on one. Like Red Mask, he can use two swords at once.

The opening of Fiveman gives off the whole thought that Gaku Hoshikawa is a freaking swordsman. I even wished he should have appeared in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai instead of Yuusuke for a few puns. Although my favorite in the show is Ken Hoshikawa/Five Blue but I cannot deny how this guy has crossed swords with Billion, Garoa and Chevalier yet living to tell the tale. Best moment? His final battle with Chevalier was a real clash of swords where he survives all that!

All the Jetmen have swords but Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk has been the one with that expertise aside from Gai Yuki. Yes, Gai Yuki uses the sword a lot. The other Jetmen didn't use too much of their swords but their fists or blasters, no not Ryu or Gai. He has shown himself as an expert swordsman especially when fighting against his hated rival Count Radiguet. Not surprisingly, he made a guest appearance (in suit) in Akibaranger episode 6 where Kazuo Niibori guest-starred.

The Yamato Prince Geki is a badass swordsman, no questions asked. He had shown that swordsman skills in fighting against Dora Sphinx and his rival Griforther. He also showed it when he fought against Burai which led to a badass redemption story. Unfortunately the character somewhat fell apart when he learned of Burai's dying condition.

Well I thought this guy was an improvement of Red Mask and Change Dragon. He wields those two Dragon Double Swords and I mean, aside from his fists he also masters blades. That made me wish he should have faced off against Daisuke Tachi playing as Shadam instead of Rintaro Nishi.

Sasuke/Ninja Red seems to be the best swordsman of the team. He even got to use Kakure Daishogun's smaller version of that sword.

While watching Ohranger, it's too obvious that Goro Hoshino/Oh Red is a swordsman even by how he made his debut. I mean, he showed mostly swordsman moves and he's proven to be a real badass fighter. The sword looked pretty blunt but like Red Mask and Live Falcon, he just unbelievably badass with that sword.

Riki/Red Turbo was already a real badass and we have Kyousuke and it's a lighter and softer series. Don't get me started on how this guy really beats foes up especially with his Fender Sword even if all the scenes are usually meant not to be too serious. There's really a lot of amazing choreography with how he started off as a garage worker but his skills with the sword make me go WTF. I guess it's been a common glitch that many rangers who are sword users didn't have any prior experience to swordfighting huh? I was glad that he also fought with two swords in actual battle. Best moment was when he fought M..M. Musibunov and used the monster's own sword against the latter.

I don't know if this guy should ever count but really, Kenta Date/Mega Red's mastery of the Drill Saber makes him a really worthy adversary of Yugande. I mean, he's been using that drill as a sword than a drill in most of his battles. I still think he deserves to be in the list even if technically, he's using a drill instead of a blade. I still laugh at the use of this Drill Saber though considering that the weapon may not be applicable to real life fighting.

I have my favoritism for Ryouma/Ginga Red with just how this guy has clashed with sword-wielding foes as well. He survived fighting Sanbash then he goes to fight Budo. The sword fight with Budo was one of his best scenes ever. Then he crosses swords with Zahab later on. I guess that's really cutting across the Galaxy with the sharpness of blades huh? 

I would personally think Masaru Nagai/Time Red counts. He's been using his Vector Sabers a lot in battle. That's really cutting across space and time. 

I think Yousuke Shina/Hurricane Red should be in the list though should I add the other two in my other list of non-red swordfighting expert? 

Though not really that good as a swordfighter as Geki but Ryoma Hakua/Abare Red also had his swordfighting skills. Though armed with the Tyrano Rod, he preferred to use his sword in battle. He also uses it when he gains Max Abare Red form.

Kai Ozu/Magi Red has had clashed with Wolzard many times in a Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader type of duel. 

Although Satoru Akashi/Bouken Red was armed with the Bouken Javelin, he preferred to use his Sagasniper sword mode in battle. He frequently clashed swords with Ryuon. Later, he would get Zubaan's Golden Sword mode which he would also use as a sword.

Jan Kandou/Gekired may have wielded a staff but I really can't discount the use of those Gekisabers. It's a Chinese Dao Saber which is also a pretty good weapon actually. Sharkie Chan trained him to use them.

As wacky as Go-onger was as a Super Sentai series, Sosuke is not to be messed up with. I felt like that his sword-fighting skills combined with his reckless dash make him a formidable adversary. Just because Go-onger is a comedy show doesn't mean it can't kick ass. The Road Saber is not something you should mess with. He has shown how many opponents fell down from its blade.

While I don't think this Takeru is as great as Takeru/Red Mask but I can't deny this guy has mastered the sword even if he's "different" than the rest of the Shinkengers. While the others get other weapons, this guy gets a Rekka Daizanto instead. Even if the flaming sword was CGI-used considering the high risk of the stunt, it's still amazing to see him wield one on paper. He even managed to use two swords (where he borrowed Kotoha's sword) at once to fend off an invading army of Nanashi. Hmmm... for a shadow warrior or kagemusha, I guess he's been the most skilled swordsman ever as far as the show's concerned.

Even if Alata/Gosei Red is really wimpy-looking but don't mess with him. I felt this guy really knew how to fight with a sword especially when he defeated Dereputa of the Meteor (and he's fought out of suit). Not really that strong but I'd still say never mess with him.

Although I prefer Joe Gibben/Gokai Blue over this guy but Captain Marvelous/Gokai Red also has had some mad-sword skills. He has clashed against Basco a lot with that sword. Truly deserving his title of being a pirate captain.

Hiromu Sakurada preferred to use his short sword in battle a lot.

For a child stuck in an adult's body, Right certainly has a degree of swordsmanship. It's unfair to compare him to the others though considering he's mentally a child who needs to revert back to his rightful age.

Though Daigo Kiryu/Kyoryu Red is not all that skilled as Souji Rippukan/Kyoryu Green but I guess he still counts. I'll admit, the guy has been more into running with a gun though the sniper is Ian Yorkland.

I'll just say it but I really don't like the idea there's not much do your own stunt scenes with Takaharu. So really, that's a flaw with Ninninger.

The latest, Yamato Kazakiri is also a swordsman. But I wonder why in the world is he the only Zyuohger aside from Zyuoh the World to have a signature weapon? C'mon Takaaki Utsunomiya, did you forget something?! =P

Kyuranger had Lucky as a sword-fighting red though one can also argue that Tsurugi is also one. They both are technically red rangers with Tsurugi as the "original red" and Lucky as the "current red". Hmmm talk about what if Luke Skywalker had to meet Lone Starr here! 

Missed any? Let me know.

Updated: November 5, 2018


  1. As much of bad asses the two Reds are. The two don't have much of a option in swords. Hiryu Tsurugi would later inspire Goro Hoshino 10 years later. But his swordsmanship is only limited to those generic Change Sword and shield. I thought PLEX and Bandai should have giving him an actual sword with his 4 other comrades their own weapons. The Jetman well same as the Change man weapon department. The Gobusters dagger isn't enough. And as a homage to Cheetara, Red Buster is more like a staff fighter not a swordsman. Kyoryugers and Ninningers, not even going to talk about it.

  2. why there is no gekired with gekisaber....?

  3. What about go red? Shouldn't he be on the list? Also, gekired used nunchucks, not a staff. Gekiyellow used a staff, and kyoryuger came before toqger.


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