Them Sharper-Looking Super Sentai Prop Swords

I wrote an entry on cheaper-looking swords for Super Sentai as of late but it would be nice to think of the sharper-looking blades that were done. This is where innovation really did it right with the swords.

Kurama Tetsuzan's samurai sword looked pretty sharp. Now why didn't Battle Fever Robo get that kind of blade for the fight scenes? Not enough budget perhaps?

Takayuki Hiba/Vul Eagle II uses a samurai in battle. That was a really sharp start, pun intended.

While the swords in Bioman didn't look all that impressive, Bio Robo's Super Maser looked amazing.

While I could say, "Well that's the 80s." to Red Mask's rather weak looking Masky Blade, the Photoelectron Riser sword was really sharp looking.

Zimba's swords were pretty sharp-looking in contrast to the swords in Turboranger. I'll admit most of the 80s fake swords lacked that illusion of sharpness.

Billion's sword in Fiveman was also looks pretty sharp. I really was scared of his blade as a kid especially he has actually murdered people with that sword.

Jetman's Bringer Swords were really badass. Too bad that this was the last time Kazuo Niibori would play red since the swords here looked better than the previous Super Sentais he was involved in.

At a distance, Radiguet's Bloodygade Sword really looks like a real sword, His sword really looks terrifying and I'd hate to get on his bad side. Daisuke Tachi is also a pretty good actor himself deserving to wield the realistic looking Bloodygade Sword prop.

True to the Yamato, the Tyrano Sword of Geki in Zyuranger is one masterpiece. Truly worthy of the Yamato Tribe's sword.

The Grifocalibur Sword was pretty impressively done.

Daizyujin's Dino Godhorn... now that's sharper-looking than the Birdonic Saber!

Dairenou's Great King Sword... now that's really going to hurt!

Kakuranger's Kakemarus were blades worthy of a ninja. Why couldn't Ninninger get these kinds of swords instead of the ones they had?

The Auto Sabers and Red Racer's Fender Sword. A huge improvement from the GT Sword of Riki of Turboranger.

For a goofy show, RV Robo's RV Sword beats Turbo Robo's Roader Sword.

Budo's sword looked really sharp.

Gingaoh's Silver Armed sword is really sharp-looking compared to the Starbeast Swords. Now that's really cutting across the galaxy with blades. So why could't the Gingamen get sharp-looking blades? The Gingamen and Lost Galaxy team better complain now!

The Vector Sabers in Timeranger looked pretty sharp at a distance. Both Timerangers and Time Force cast were lucky to wield these blades in filming their footage.

Time Robo Alpha's Space Time Sword really looks like it could cut through time.

The Hayatemaru was definitely an improvement. Why couldn't the Ninningers get swords of that quality?!

The D-Vega Sword of Dekaranger is truly a masterpiece worthy of a Super Sentai commander.

The Shinkenmaru looks like a true sword at a distance even when it's just a prop sword.

Shinkenoh's Daishinken... though it's not as sharp as the Great King Sword of Dairenou.

The Gokai Sabers in Gokaiger. It almost looks as sharp as pirate swords in the higher budget films.

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