What I Think Of Saban's Decision To Skip ToQGer In Favor of Ninninger

I was reading Ukiya Seed and found out that yes, ToQGer has been skipped and Ninninger will be adapted into Power Rangers Ninja Steel. The name does sound kind of cool except for this problem...

The swords in Ninninger doesn't look sharp. Quite a shame really it took place in 2015 but the swords produced really didn't come out as good as those in Kakuranger and Ninninger. Instead, it almost looked like sword props that were used in the 80s Super Sentai. I felt like the name "Ninja Steel" might not be so fitting compared to "Ninja Strike".

Judd Lynn had considered Ninninger and skipping ToQGer. Toei gave Saban the permission to do so or did Toei see ToQGer was not really that fit for American culture? Funny that Ninninger is based on Japanese culture while ToQGer is based on trains. Then again, one may consider the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hype, they appeared in Power Rangers in Space so I don't see any problem with Ninninger compared to ToQGer. In a business angle, Ninninger would be better than ToQGer for the next Power Rangers adaptation.

This whole scene could be deleted from the footage but the bigger issue is about trains is not so much a part of America. Some may say that Lightspeed Rescue had Supertrain Megazord but remember, that was a rescue show based on another rescue show, GoGoFive. Plus, I feel like the mecha of ToQGer pales in comparison to the mecha in Ninninger's much better looking mecha. I guess like Go-Busters, Toei may have considered the toy sales angle to why they decided to go with Ninninger instead of ToQGer. 

What are your thoughts on the matter? 


  1. I read the official reasons as to why saban was planning on skipping ToQGer was because in Saban's own words, he considered the suits to be "Fisher Price" looking and that Trains don't fit into American life like they do in other countries

  2. I think Saban should save ToQGer for Power Rangers: Season 25.

  3. Seeing as Saban is also gonna skip Zyuohger, I really don't care anymore.


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