Zyuohger And Some Mild References To Kamen Rider?!

Somebody created this collage which compares the cast of Zyuohger to Ankh and the rest of the Greeed in Kamen Rider OOO. The other four Zyuohgers are anthropomorphic animals who put on human disguises to blend in our world. The protagonist Yamato Kazakiri has the same hair shape as Ankh. As for the inhabitants of Zyuland, there seems to be some references to the Greeed in Kamen Rider OOO in themes. Though not entirely similar but I really had a good laugh looking at that picture. 

Coincidence? Maybe not. Considering Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Metal Heroes and Power Rangers are owned by Toei so expect a lot of ideas, poses, etc. to be copied from one show to another. Just think that Jiraiya started off as a ninja-themed Metal Hero then in 1994, a ninja Super Sentai was born then the themes were continued in Hurricanger (2002) and the soon-to-be finished Ninninger. Jiraiya even became the guest star of that whole episode. I might write an entry on ideas that Toei's properties had taken from each other soon.


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