A List Of Worthy Contenders For The Top One Spot As Hottest Babe For Super Sentai And Power Rangers Hot Heroine

After reading some top tens and top twenties and everyone had their varying opinion on who should be on top. I would share these girls in chronological order. Now it's time to check my list of worthy contenders from my own point of view with others in it.

Momoko herself can be a worthy contender. I have to admit her beauty is pretty unique. After watching Bioman as a child, I cannot deny while Hikaru Katsuragi was my first Tokusatsu crush but she had turned me on much more.

There's the overstatement that Kimberly Ann Hart is every 90s first crush. Not really because there were other girls before her. While Hikaru was my first crush (and she was dubbed as Kimberly in that cheesy dub) but I can't deny her unique beauty got me the most. After watching Zyuranger, I could say well Mei is cute but I cannot deny she's way more attractive IMO. She's still top one for me appearance-wise.

If not Kimberly, we do have Rin as a worthy contender. Like Kimberly, she really has that attractiveness that's hard to find in other girls. After Zyuranger's cute Mei, I felt like she was really, really that attractive. I don't really blame others for saying Rin is prettier than Kimberly. She is really that attractive. IMO, Natsuki Takahashi should've voiced Kimberly instead of Reiko Chiba.

Natsumi Shinohara may be boyish but she's got the looks. I can't deny that even in her most modest clothing, she distracts me from Zonette.

Chisato Jougasaki well I really admit she really is that attractive. I find her more attractive than Ashley Hammond.

Okay I just said it earlier I do IMO think Chisato is prettier than her but Ashley Hammond deserves to be in this list. She's sort of attractive and I do have a soft spot for her.

Yes Nanami Nono... who can ever forget? The actress Nao Nagasawa has had a really unique kind of beauty it'd be a disappointment in the world of genetics if she doesn't have a daughter looking like her. I'll admit that aside from her beauty, she really has done a lot of decent stunts but I'll agree, she is really overrated. I would dare agree she is way hotter than Tori Hanson in Power Rangers Ninja Storm. So that puts Tori out, sorry Tori fans.

Ranru Itsuki for me is part of this list. While I'm more attracted to her personality and characters as a ranger, I can't deny she's really that attractive.

Marika "Jasmine" Reimon... where do I even start with her? She's Mr. Smith's choice for the top one in this list while I'm stuck with Kimberly. I'll admit that comparing her and Kimberly does

I do find Kira Ford prettier than Ranru. Hehehe. Too bad I really couldn't enjoy Dino Thunder as much. But still, I can't deny she's really attractive.

Although she's not all that pretty but I thought some fans still think she's that hot. I'll admit, the more I look at her, the more I think she does look like a MOUSE. She was a reason why I went back to watching Super Sentai and kept rewatching Boukenger. But it wasn't until...

Yup that,s right, Mako Shiraishi. I always have my extreme and blatant favoritism which reminds me of my blatant favoritism for Kimberly. I'd admit for last decade, she's been my personal favorite. Mr. Smith does find her and Kimberly overrated. I always feel like she's liked for all the shallow and stupid reasons. She's a fine character but I don't really think too highly of her writing-wise. I don't blame people who wish to vote her on top.

As much as I really have the bad vibes for Power Rangers Megaforce's writing but I felt like the cast was okay after seeing them in other videos. Gia Moran is pretty but I definitely haven't had too much of a high opinion after I watched some older shows to help me forget how Megaforce must've disappointed Power Rangers fans.

Well here's the latest contender, Amu. The actress Haruka Tateishi looks like Taiwanese beauty Tammy Chen.

So who's your top one?