My Personal Picks For Top Ten Super Sentai Villain Hotties

Here's my list of top ten Super Sentai villain hotties from top to bottom. This is a real challenge. After seeing this list of hot Power Rangers villains, I decided I could "respond" to it with my own list with Super Sentai villains.

While watching Abaranger, I do find Jeanne/Mahoro to be attractive but not that much.

If people find Vypra in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue hot, well I do find Venus in GoGoFive also attractive. I thought both actresses playing their parts weren't all that good with expressing but they did really still present some impressive fighting prowess. In her human disguise, she's really attractive. Both Venus and Vypra are really never to be underestimated.

I don't find Zonette to be all that pretty but she does have an attractive visage. Knowing how stupid President Gynamo really is, she was able to use her beauty and charm to become the de-facto leader of Bowzock.

During Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, Tsuetsue had a human disguise. I really found her attractive.

Gekiranger's real eye candy for me isn't Ran but this villain Mele. I always felt like Rio and Mele were the most attractive members of Gekiranger's cast warning how villains can look good but they can kill you. Well she and Rio later met redemption towards the closing of the series.

Ahames appeared as a pretty young girl in her human disguise but beware. Hayate learned the hard way about being too trusting. As a horrible Head Bitch in Charge villain with her extremely dangerous tactics, she really isn't one you want to mess with. I felt like Trakeena's personality may have been partly based on her.

The actress Maho Maruyama is attractive putting Maria in this list. I wonder did Radiguet just merely lust after her appearance at first or viewed her as a weapon only he should have? Radiguet had some unwanted advances towards her to the point he felt some pain after he murdered her since he couldn't have her/

The actress Masako Morishita is pretty good looking. I felt like she does have some similarities to the actress Yumi Sugimoto. In Turboranger, I felt like Kirika was one attractive snare. Shunsuke had a crush on her as a child without knowing she was that same person.

Lami well, she is really that attractive but watch out for her sting. While watching Mighty Morphin', I admit that found Scorpina attractive. But again, isn't her human form just meant to hide her true identity as some hideous scorpion monster? I always felt like why did she always wear a human disguise while her husband Griforther didn't? Plus, I thought she should have flashed her inhuman appearance in battle even in human form considering that she's got one literally nasty sting.

My top pick goes to Igam. I felt like this was the situation that if she was a man, she'd be an extremely handsome one and it wasn't surprising she's a stunning woman. I remembered the episode when the Maskmen discover that she's indeed a woman. I always felt like she's really that attractive for a villain. Too bad for her, her parents weren't thinking clearly when they decided to raise her as a man.

So are your top ten hot Super Sentai villains? Meanwhile, you may want to check out my top ten Super Sentai AND Power Rangers pretty heroines list.