Never Mess With Swordsman Sentai Mentors!

Super Sentai had these swordsmen mentors who really showed some really badass moments. As of right now, here's the following as far as I could remember.

After watching Battle Fever J, it wasn't really all that good as it was Super Sentai in its earlier stages but the action was pretty good. The late Chiyonosuke Azuma was a jidaigeki film actor though I only saw him in action in Battle Fever J. He would later appear in battle first to battle the Four Raced Monster which he personally slew it. In the finale arc, he would battle High Priest Hedder one-on-one emerging victorious with his sword. 

Mugensai Hinata of Hurricanger still counts considering it's a ninja Super Sentai. Can't talk much about him yet though. 

Perhaps the most badass Super Sentai commander in script, Doggie Kruger has also shown his form as Dekamaster armed with the D-Vega Sword. He didn't let them know about the Dekamaster form at first since he was afraid they'd become too dependent on him. From rescuing Swan to actually defeating the Alienizer Bisques in a sword duel, I'd say he shouldn't be messed up with. 

Technically, Hikoma Kusakabe/Jii is a swordsman mentor. Actor Goro Ibuki was into jidaigeki films. He has mentored Takeru as a child, he also serves to train the others. In later episodes though, he only showed more of his other martial arts abilities than a sword. But he still counts due to his role as the mentor of the team.

Wise God Torin shows his Trinity Streissor. He was also shown teaching Souji Rippukan's sword skills in Kyoryuger. As much as I really couldn't warm up to Kyoryuger as much as Abaranger, I cannot deny he's still more or less a competent swordsman mentor you shouldn't mess up with.

Yoshitaka Igasaki as a team mentor knew the skills needed by a ninja to use a sword.


  1. You missed Doshi Kaku, besides being a former Goma General that was a sword master he was also a master of the Ki Fighting art!


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