So What's Up With Zyuohgers And The Use Of... CUBES?

While watching Zyuohger, I observed the use of cubes. I agree with some Super Sentai fans who call the Zyuohking which I'll dub as the "Minecraft Megazord", some might say, "What's up with the cubes?" But I guess I can speculate for now why Zyuohger came out the way it is.

If you take a look at Zyuland at a "bird's eye view" (pun not intended), you can see the whole land is built on cubic architecture. It does look like a child's building blocks but I feel like there's something than more than meets the eye. I feel like the anthropomorphic animal residents of Zyuland are dressed up like tribal people. Now where do we see that kind of concept?

If you take a look at Mesoamerican culture in South America, you will notice many of the buildings there have the cubic architecture. It may be coincidental or not. But with all the tribal themes and outfits, I can't help but think of Mesoamerican theme going on in the show.

I guess the "Minecraft Megazord" having the cubic structure is leaning more on the fact Super Sentai is for kids. Their mecha don't look too much like Mesoamerican art. Instead, it's Lego or Minecraft which made me think Toei may have accepted the offer to endorse either which this year. But did they do this to keep up with the cube theme? Can't really say. I hope the show's producer Takaaki Utsunomiya can shed light on Zyuohgers and cubes.


  1. I think it's just a way to make the toys in good sales. You see, beginning from Shinkenger, the ranger always use a thing to reveal their power. Shinkenger has disk, origami and crayon, Goseiger has card, Gokaiger has key, Kyoryuger has battery, Ninninger has blade and now Zyuohger has a cube that supposedly looks like LEGO. The engine-soul from Goonger also looks like a SD card.
    Different from Gaoranger, the animal crystal is cool, but I think the children won't really love it and it's actually not cool enough. So, beside the zord and weapon, children would buy some additional items.
    Maybe the 41st Sentai would use yoyo, hahaha


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