Pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai Character Concepts I Wish Were Copied Into Power Rangers

As part of the tribute that Zyuohger is the 40th Super Sentai series (though each decade of Super Sentai gets some major changes), I thought these characters or at least their designs or concepts could've been used into later seasons of Power Rangers.

Maybe they could have tried to create a suit for Emperor Grumm based on Fuehrer Hell Saturn instead of Vulgar from the Dekaranger movie. Both were controlled by the "Magnificence" as the literal brain behind their organizations. Of course, keep Omni as it is due to being the improved version of the Black Sun God in Sun Vulcan.

I wish Mora's grown up form could have used a modified version of Amazon Killer for Power Rangers SPD.

Chad Lee/Lightspeed Rescue Blue fighting the Cyclopter monster one-on-one was well-done original footage. But I thought it could have been cooler if that episode involved Chad being a mentor to some children in the field of karate and showing the importance of one's determination. Plus, the writers should have had Chad defeat the monster out-of-suit instead of having to morph to finish the job. Ken's Fiveman episode could've been good inspiration for a Power Rangers episode aside from Dynaman's episode where Yousuke falls for a mermaid.

I thought that maybe Astronema and Ecliptor could have worn similar costumes to that of Shiima and Buuba. Ecliptor was a noble villain who rivaled the red ranger. Astronema's backstory is a modified version of Shiima's where both characters were raised to be evil and were redeemed in the end. I wonder, would Star King Bazoo footage be useful for the Dark Specter?

As mentioned earlier, giving the Lost Galaxy crew some suits like the Flashmen (but with a Power Rangers twist) could've been pretty cool. They were after all in space. Somehow, I can't watch Flashman without Lost Galaxy coming to mind.

For Power Rangers Lost Galaxy with all the original footage involved, I thought cutting out Budo as Treacheron and using a modified version of Ley Wanda as Treacheron could've been better. I mean, they did put Dr. Hinelar's barely used final form as Furio in the place of Sanbash right? So I don't see any reason why we couldn't have an Americanized Ley Wanda fight the Lost Galaxy Rangers.

Instead of Sanbash as Villamax, I think it could've worked if they created an Americanized version of Sir Kaura as Villamax. Just get any decent martial artist to play the part. Like Villamax, Sir Kaura has noble qualities as a villain. I felt like an Americanized Sir Kaura with a real martial artist can engage Leo in some decent fight scenes.

That's just my short list of concepts from the pre-Zyuranger era I wish were used in later seasons of Power Rangers.


  1. The PR do not need anymore inspirations or copies from Sentai as they can never deliver quality stories in most of the series.

    However Lord Zed and Ransik are the only villains that are original and Sentai need to lift those off from them!!!


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