So What Too It SOOOOO Long To Make A Police-Based Super Sentai?

While looking at Dekaranger as a police-based Super Sentai season, I also wanted to give thought on it on how would it be as an 80s or 90s Super Sentai season. But there was one HUUUUUGE problem to how it could fit in back then.

From the late 80s to late 90s, Toei still had the ongoing Metal Hero franchise. If Dekaranger tried to be part of Hirohisa Soda's era as a head writer, it would have to compete with the Space Sheriff Trilogy. If it was during the 90s, it'd have to deal with the Rescue Police Trilogy namely Winspector, Solbrain and Exceedraft. These shows had no main villains involved.

If it happened during the late 90s, I guess GoGoFive wouldn't exist and Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue would've never existed either. Instead, we'd have Power Rangers SPD (or whatever name Saban and Toei would come up with). Here's my reimagination of certain Super Sentai teams into the Dekarangers.

I just wonder what if the Ohrangers with their personalities ended up having the Dekaranger theme instead? Maybe we wouldn't be having screaming Ban and instead, we'd probably have gotten a strong police cast. Just imagine what if Hiroshi Miyauchi were cast as a police chief mentor with a sword and Doggie Kruger never existed? Then again, you do know the Sarin Gas incident right? You'd probably still get a Dekaranger that shifts in between darker and lighter moods more often than not. I guess we'd probably have some Rescue Police type episodes while Abrella is the recurring villain.

Somehow I can't help but think of Megaranger especially due to a few similarities they have with Dekaranger where red is the second-in-command when they're not fighting. I was wondering what if the Megaranger cast were cast as police officers instead of teenagers with attitude considering this was mostly a cast of adults? I think casting Eri Tanaka as Jasmine and Mami Higashiyama as Umeko could've worked. Plus, I think Hayato Oshiba might have become a stronger Ban than Ryuji Sainei but hey, I do still like the actual Ban but Oshiba might have been better. I think this might negate the existence of Dr. Kubota, the science theme and we'd probably see a more badass Doggie Kruger than we see today. Just imagine though what if Power Rangers SPD and not Power Rangers in Space ended the Zordon Arc.

The other possibility is to imagine the GoGoFive as police officers. Maybe, we'll never get a sibling team at all or would we? I really couldn't imagine too much of the GoGoFive as police officers. Well one of them IS a police officer namely Daimon Tatsumi. A family police Super Sentai instead of a rescue police Super Sentai? I guess we'd probably have these guys arresting ghouls causing trouble in the human world instead. I think having a police-themed Power Rangers series way earlier than usual might have been a good idea. GoGoFive and Lightspeed Rescue had good solid cast of actors who did their best to deliver the best they can in spite of limitations set by producers. Actor Ryuichiro Nishioka could've made a good Ban considering he's done a pretty loud Matoi Tatsumi. Sidenote, Carter Grayson does deserve some plus points for not being a loud guy.

So I guess all the constraints back then may have not had room for the release of a police-themed Super Sentai. Fortunately, the idea was realized in 2004 with all the throwbacks to the Metal Hero series.


  1. coincidence or not, I've just reviewed Dekaranger and told to the fans how I am against them that I love some of the low rated series and hate some of the high rated series. One thing you remind me here is the heroes of Dekaranger, I don't think they are as heroic as Gavan or the other police in tokusatsu.

  2. There are a lot of influence from 70s Sentai espionage and through in the Space Sheriffs. Not too far away, Timerangers had that law enforcement theme and I would love to see some cross over no doubt! Of course Dekaranger is the most original and freshest Sentai Themes since Cars, Ninjas, Animals and Dinosaurs oh my!

    Though Dekaranger really lacked the standard Plentiful Sentai Arms. I would have loved to see Gavan Type-G get into a scuffle with the new Fire Deka Red, Dekamaster and Deka Break. Also to see Go Buster getting into one with Dekaranger would also be a treat!


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