So What's Up With Naming Gingaman... GINGAMAN and Lost Galaxy... LOST GALAXY?!

After seeing Zyuohger's first episode, I felt writing this one. Why did the producers name Gingaman as Gingaman when the show doesn't have a space theme at all? I feel mixed about the show's title and even if I do love the series, there's part of me that says that Power Rangers Lost Galaxy lived up to its title better due to the series taking place in space. Gingaman as a series itself pretty much has the tree hugging theme or tribal themes but there's still the "lost galaxy" element in it. But the whole series ends up using mystical powers from another galaxy than having a technological theme. Lost Galaxy had the space theme going on but it wasn't really all that well-implemented.

The mecha were not Earth-born but they came from another galaxy. It's safe to assume that the Gingamen were probably descendants of aliens themselves who fought the galactic pirate group called the Balban 3,000 years ago. Plus, they were fighting a group of intergalactic pirates. But the motif of Gingaman was more focused on nature motif. Lost Galaxy had a space theme going on. I felt like Gingaman should've been named as Zyuohman or Seijuuman due to the motif reflects more on the beasts than galaxy theme. Both shows still kept the Starbeast concept intact though I think Lost Galaxy could've removed the "mystic mecha" idea in favor of artificial intelligence version of the Starbeasts.

If there was any Super Sentai series that got the galaxy theme better, I felt like it was Flashman and not Gingaman. Maybe Flashman should have been the series to be named Gingaman instead of Gingaman. Five children who were raised in some "lost galaxy" then they were raised as galactic warriors to combat the alien empire Mess' unethical experimentation of lifeforms. Mess has targeted Earth and the Flashmen try to learn more about their birth planet. I even wanted to shout, "Well, Flashman should've been Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, not Gingaman!" when my Flashman marathon began. But then again, I guess the costumes and everything were no longer suitable then or two, both Toei and Saban both agreed that last year's Super Sentai is this year's Power Rangers.

Flashman has the galaxy theme on focus. First episode, you realized five children were kidnapped and rescued by aliens from some lost galaxy. They have the whole galaxy theme working better than Gingaman and Lost Galaxy. As much as Lost Galaxy and Gingaman are fan favorites but I really feel like Flashman had more of the galaxy theme done even if most of the events happen on Earth. Gingaman not so considering that while the enemies were indeed aliens but the show didn't really have that much of the Star Trek feel that Flashman had, Lost Galaxy had some Star Trek but I thought that neither series really live up to a galactic theme compared to Flashman. Mecha, equipment, plot, everything... Flashman is the most galactic Super Sentai I've seen.


  1. Saban was riding on the success of In Space' opera formula that brought their ratings back en masse, so they decided to go with another one. Terra Venture being a mobile space colony was envisioned as the means to maintain the natural Gingaman setting while being in, for fights and stuff.

    Now, the Lost Galaxy thing...well, to call the series' production as "troubled" would be an understatement, as early as the Lights of Orion arc. In the midst of so much script rewrites and plan changes, so much story plans were lost, including the origin of the Quasar Sabers, expansion of the war 3000 yrs prior, ancient Rangers (who reportedly were gonna use the core Dairanger suits). In the end, because of that much behind-the-scenes crap, our titular "Lost Galaxy" ended up being that slight detour to use more Gingaman villain footage.

  2. Easy, because Gingaman lives in Ginga forest, so they call themselves Gingamana

  3. Gingaman was going to originally be called Gaoranger, actually. Toei changed it because they didn't want to be in competition with the mecha anime "GaoGaiGar" that was airing around the time. Bioranger was another preproduction name, I believe.


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