Toei's Tokusatsu Series That Directly Endorse Safety Rules!

Considering March is Fire Prevenation Month (and maybe the themes of GoGoV and Lightspeed Rescue come to place, maybe it's Matoi Tatsumi and Carter Grayson that comes to mind)... you might think of Tokusatsu having some Tokusatsu shows registered as part of Toei's list of properties that had safety rules attached to them.

Chikyu Sentai Fiveman started out as an academic related, sibling-themed Super Sentai was also a public service announcement season. While it may have been considered a weaker entry during its time, I still consider this show to be worthy of a safety rules award. Many episodes in Fiveman were focused on teaching moral lessons to the children focused on the story. Aside from lessons on greed and responsibility, they also teach other lessons like not trusting strangers and the like. The show didn't really get that far though but the whole season felt like it was meant to focus on important values.

The Rescue Police Trilogy composed of Winspector, Solbrain and Exceedraft had no main villain involved. Instead, it felt like a fancy way to teach children the importance of safety. The three Rescue Police series was more or less Toei's own version of "Who are the people in your neighborhood?" For three seasons straight, we never had a single main villain for the series.

Perhaps in response to Robocop's popularity that Toei decided to make its own Robocop type TV series with a fully mechanical Robocop instead of a cyborg. Janperson ends up as a mechanical police robot that fights against the three super criminal groups namely Tatewaki Konzern, Neo Guild and Super Science Network. A lot of the episodes in the series involve crime scenes with Janperson foiling them Robocop-style.

Hirohisa Soda may have written a lot of lessons of the week in his era as a head writer, Gekisou Sentai Carranger became more or less a public service announcement for children. Turboranger didn't really tackle on safety rules like this series. This taught some lessons on road safety, respect for others and family ties. I felt like Ohranger didn't really touch too much on the moral lessons of the week than this series. Soda also served as a secondary writer for this Super Sentai. Midseason, Carranger introduces the VRV Robo which was made from rescue vehicles.

GoGoFive and Lightspeed Rescue manage to continue the tradition of safety rules. Both seasons were the first rescue series for their respective genres. Both had some major differences like GoGoFive was a family Super Sentai while Lightspeed Rescue was a rescue-based series like Solbrain (but there's a main villain to keep the story going). Lightspeed Rescue did its own Public Service Announcement video concerning safety rules which complements the season's theme.

Dekaranger and Power Rangers SPD had the police theme going on. Dekaranger's plot was partly Solbrain's since some episodes didn't involve the main villain Abrella. In SPD, the Troobian Empire were the recurring villains. As both series are police-themed then there's been a lot of safety rules attached to the show. Neither series though matches the quality of the Rescue Police Trilogy, GoGoFive or Lightspeed Rescue in that area.

Go-onger was a comedy series but like Carranger it also had some safety rules attached to it. Most of them involved safety rules about why you shouldn't pollute the Earth. On the other hand, Power Rangers RPM showed the consequences of uncontrolled innovation.