TokuSpirits Guests Eating At A Jollibee Branch In Manila

Considering tomorrow is the day of TokuSpirits and yup this is remembering childhood for some Filipinos (too bad none from Jetman is in this picture) where they saw Fiveman, Maskman and Turboranger dubbed in Tagalog together with Bioman dubbed by Telesuccess. So maybe some can remember the dubbed names like Michael Joe for Takeru/Red Mask and Kimberly for Hikaru Katsuragi/Pink Mask and Ricky for Riki Honoo/Red Turbo. From left to right we have Kei Shindachiya, Kazunori Inaba, Michiko Makino and Kenta Sato (which his name somehow got honored in Megaranger).

This picture memorable for me because three out of four of my favorites from their shows are present. My personal favorites from Fiveman, Maskman and Turboranger are namely Ken Hoshikawa, Takeru and Riki. This could've been "perfect" if Akito Osugi were the one in this picture instead of Michiko Makino. But still, it's memorable thinking of it that Bioman was my very first exposure to Super Sentai, Hikaru was my first Tokusatsu crush and even after many years Bioman still has a special place in my heart. After seeing Grown Ups In Spandex  having finished fan-subbing Maskman and Bioman for all episodes together with the movies I felt it was a reeducation. After seeing the "real deal" namely Super Sentai in its Japanese audio with fan subs, I simply don't want to watch the dubs anymore.

Still, I can't deny that if it wasn't for the bad dubs I don't think these guys would have meant something to my past. I guess a lot of Super Sentai fans in the Philippines who were 90s children still find them to be a part of their childhood. Ironically, they're the guest stars instead of Kamen Rider considering a newer generation of Filipino Tokusatsu fans saw Ryuki, Faiz, Hibiki, Blade and OOO and Super Sentai hasn't been been Tagalized for a long, long time. 


  1. Waaahhh!

    Excited to see them in Party Place tomorrow!


  2. It started out with only Red Mask and Five Blue, now we have Pink Five and Red Turbo. Next year it will be Ryuranger, Red Flash and Black Condor!

    But here in the U.S. it's Zyurangers!

  3. :( I hope I can get to meet them too. I definitely want to be there when Gai Yuki visits!!!!!!


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